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  1. Do you mind sharing which school said that you might hear back next week? If you’d prefer not to, no problem!
  2. It may be hopeful thinking on my part—because I haven’t heard anything either—but I’m not sure it’s necessarily a bad sign that you haven’t heard anything yet. It looks like many folks hear back mid February.
  3. With you! The “check email—check gradcafe—refresh—repeat” cycle is probably unhealthy lol. As @Amama asked, what school reached out re your writing sample?
  4. I’ve not heard anything back from the four I mentioned yet. Based on posts from previous years, mid-Feb—mid-March seems to be the admission decision hotspot.
  5. Yes, I’ve applied to Yale, UChicago Divinity, Emory, and Vanderbilt for the PhD in theological studies. Anxiousness led me to grad cafe. Here’s to favorable decisions over the next few weeks/months!
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