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  1. Those who know better can feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I want to think that Chicago ranks close to HDS in terms of prestige for RelStudies....is that a misconception on my part? At the very least, I’m not sure that a degree from Chicago (as compared to one from HDS) will significantly decrease your shot at a top tier PhD...
  2. Major curveball: I’ve been talking to my POI at Emory GDR from when I applied to the PhD there. He says that pursuing the MTS will be unnecessary since I already have a 48 credit hour MA. He suggested completing a ThM and has committed to supervising my research paper. This is big because he’s a pretty big name in my subfield and a well respected scholar. A ThM supervised by him (along with a recommendation, hopefully) will go a long way in the next round of apps. Now I’m trying to leverage my MTS acceptance and funding into a ThM with funding at Candler. Hoping it all works out! Relatedl
  3. *we just had a baby (or alternatively, we have a newborn) lol
  4. Was just offered 75% to attend Candler. I decided to apply for the MTS late in the game since I already have one M* degree and was banking on a PhD acceptance. I really like the program; it was the only MTS I applied to and would love to go but we just had a newborn and I’m not sure if/how we can make the finances make sense at this stage. Wondering if it’s too late to ask for more funding.Thoughts?
  5. Thought y’all should know since we go way back to like January lol...Just received an admissions offer from Candler school of Theology (Emory) with 75% tuition funding! This was the only MTS program I applied to along with my 4 PhD apps.
  6. Just received an admissions offer from Candler school of Theology (Emory) with 75% tuition funding! This was the only MTS program I applied to along with 4 PhD apps. I didn’t get into any of the PhD programs so this is a welcome sight!
  7. Official rejection from UChicago yesterday. Didn’t really sting since I’m used to it at this point 🥴 lol. No official word from Vandy yet but I already know what’s coming. At this point I’m shifting attention to the one MTS application I put out. I’m hopeful about that one but worried about funding. Will follow up on the MTS page.
  8. If it helps, I got confirmation from the GDR dept. head at Emory that there were no offers made to applicants in the subfield of theological studies. It definitely helped me to know that!
  9. Someone I follow on Twitter posted a picture of her admission letter and mentioned that she attended a virtual meet and greet with potential candidates sometime before receiving her decision. I also applied and I’m expecting a rejection but I’m surprised that all decisions apparently haven’t gone out together.
  10. Followed up with my POI at Emory and got some great feedback! It’s crazy how much personal feedback can help one’s confidence, even if critical! Feeling energized for a second round of apps. Even if that doesn’t work out, considering doing a second masters and not hating the thought of it!
  11. Official rejection from Emory GDR. Was expecting it but it still stings a little bit. Hope is a hell of a drug.
  12. I understand this energy lol. I’m thankful for the kindness and mutual support on this page. I’m not sure how I’d feel if it were as competitive and ugly here as the process feels like it might be in my mind. Anyway, I’m also facing multiple rejections so with you in the season of mourning/despair/(hopefully)hope.
  13. Official rejection from Yale. Not feeling great about the other programs I’ve applied to either. I’ll have to strengthen my application for another go at it next time around. Congrats to those who were accepted!
  14. Haven’t heard anything from Yale yet either.
  15. See my previous post re: Emory GDR. I didn’t get a date, but got confirmation from the admissions dept that initial interview requests have gone out. Thanks for the additional info.
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