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  1. If it helps, I got confirmation from the GDR dept. head at Emory that there were no offers made to applicants in the subfield of theological studies. It definitely helped me to know that!
  2. Someone I follow on Twitter posted a picture of her admission letter and mentioned that she attended a virtual meet and greet with potential candidates sometime before receiving her decision. I also applied and I’m expecting a rejection but I’m surprised that all decisions apparently haven’t gone out together.
  3. Followed up with my POI at Emory and got some great feedback! It’s crazy how much personal feedback can help one’s confidence, even if critical! Feeling energized for a second round of apps. Even if that doesn’t work out, considering doing a second masters and not hating the thought of it!
  4. Official rejection from Emory GDR. Was expecting it but it still stings a little bit. Hope is a hell of a drug.
  5. I understand this energy lol. I’m thankful for the kindness and mutual support on this page. I’m not sure how I’d feel if it were as competitive and ugly here as the process feels like it might be in my mind. Anyway, I’m also facing multiple rejections so with you in the season of mourning/despair/(hopefully)hope.
  6. Official rejection from Yale. Not feeling great about the other programs I’ve applied to either. I’ll have to strengthen my application for another go at it next time around. Congrats to those who were accepted!
  7. Haven’t heard anything from Yale yet either.
  8. See my previous post re: Emory GDR. I didn’t get a date, but got confirmation from the admissions dept that initial interview requests have gone out. Thanks for the additional info.
  9. Called the Emory GDR admissions office this morning and found out that initial interview requests have already gone out. There may be another round of interviews and decisions will likely go out shortly after mid-February. Trying not to be discouraged since the website indicates that not receiving an interview does not preclude admission, but it’s tough.
  10. Congrats! It’s helpful to know that offers of admission are possible lol. Thanks for the solidarity and for sharing the good news!
  11. Is it ever alright to contact a POI during this waiting period? I connected with professors at each school I applied to but that was weeks/months before submitting the app. I’d like to jog their memories of our interaction by reaching out but I worry that this would be construed (rightly, I suppose) as manipulative. Thoughts?
  12. I haven’t heard anything from Yale yet. Can’t speak to the others!
  13. Do you mind sharing which school said that you might hear back next week? If you’d prefer not to, no problem!
  14. It may be hopeful thinking on my part—because I haven’t heard anything either—but I’m not sure it’s necessarily a bad sign that you haven’t heard anything yet. It looks like many folks hear back mid February.
  15. With you! The “check email—check gradcafe—refresh—repeat” cycle is probably unhealthy lol. As @Amama asked, what school reached out re your writing sample?
  16. I’ve not heard anything back from the four I mentioned yet. Based on posts from previous years, mid-Feb—mid-March seems to be the admission decision hotspot.
  17. Yes, I’ve applied to Yale, UChicago Divinity, Emory, and Vanderbilt for the PhD in theological studies. Anxiousness led me to grad cafe. Here’s to favorable decisions over the next few weeks/months!
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