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  1. Why did so many people give this a thumbs down? That's great news! Congrats!
  2. That seems rather odd. From what I have heard, interview candidates were finalized last Thursday. I would assume all invites have been sent by this point, as interview weekend is only 11 days away.
  3. There is no more snow near the campus. Emory has been open since Sunday. Current students have already been invited to be on hand for interview weekend Feb 5th.
  4. There are a few posts on the emory grad cafe page. So I'm assuming calls/emails are going out slowly. The University is officially closed today, but I don't necessarily see why that would impede a call or email.
  5. Apologies. By soon, I meant one-two days!
  6. If you applied to the Graduate Division of Religion at Emory, final interview candidates were decided today. If you were one of them, you should receive a call or email very soon.
  7. Tough luck, mate. I know quite a few top candidates that were rejected. At the same time, the DPhil in Theology is almost never funded, and would have cost around 100,000 with living over three years. Although the US PhD is longer, you are given much better funding.
  8. No doubt that Stanford offers the better likelihood of obtaining a teaching position in the US after your degree.
  9. Does that mean you are starting the PhD at Yale?
  10. I am not too familiar with the Oxford DPhil in History, but having done an M.St. at Oxford and being offered a spot for the DPhil in Oriental Studies, I would say take the Stanford offer. I turned down Oxford for Emory because of the vastly superior teaching and learning opportunities I would have at the latter. Moreover, I have no doubt that coming out of Emory, I will have far better job prospects than I would have had coming out from Oxford.
  11. And let's be honest...UCLA is in California. Definitely miss Cali weather at Emory.
  12. Although I know that most people already have some idea of where they will be in the fall and, hence, won't look at this thread any longer, is anyone still contemplating attending the University of Washington (Seattle) for the PhD in History? My friend is waitlisted there and it is kind of his last hope. So if you were accepted and decided to go elsewhere, would appreciate it if you let the department know. Thanks!
  13. I have also heard from previous U of C students that it is extremely cutthroat. In fact one even mentioned that he chose a different PhD program, despite being admitted to U of C, for that very reason.
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