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  1. Interview questions weren’t unusual, and there’s some time built in to the day for touring and socializing, or at least that was the way it was a couple years ago. It probably goes without saying you want to be friendly and pleasant to the other candidates. You obviously won’t be expected to be conversant with every professor’s work, so if your interest is neuropsych, focus your interview prep in that direction. BTW, the faculty are very accessible and collegial (worked as RA there before applying but wound up accepting an offer from another program). Housing near UTSW is relatively reasonable; if you decide to go and are unfamiliar with Dallas, PM me for suggestions on areas to look at/avoid.
  2. UTSW operates on less of a mentorship model than most programs. You are aware that it is not fully funded, at least in the first year?
  3. If a program has multiple interview weekends, it can be hard to know how many candidates are interviewing in total. And while it’s hard to believe when you are an applicant dying for an offer, some PI’s will extend an offer only to have it declined and then have to work their way through the waitlist. So some programs know that they may have to interview a larger pool of candidates to yield an acceptance.
  4. @webbz_world93 five to ten students interviewed per spot available in the programs I’m familiar with. Congrats on getting an interview for your top program!
  5. Given the likelihood of winter flight delays, travel with a carryon bag and wear something presentable for your first event - you may not have a chance to change.
  6. Left Skew's December 27th thread "Here is a PDF based on the results of all Psychology students (over 35000) since the origin of grad cafe. The first 3 tables show the 10 most common dates (by count) for getting an interview, getting accepted, and getting rejected ? . I would do relative frequency and should've...maybe tomorrow. Then a longitudinal line graph (which shows these decisions throughout the year) Finally, one that focuses more on the "critical-period" when most decisions are made."
  7. Agreed. A bit of color or conversation-starting piece of jewelry in an otherwise conservative outfit shows confidence IMHO.
  8. My source said ok to wear dark denim jeans without rips for the social assuming the rise is not too low (or you wear a long enough sweater to cover any accidental exposure!).
  9. Probably varies from program to program, but assuming a POI is taking one student in an application cycle, how many are they likely to interview?
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