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  1. Thanks for the reply. Maybe I can see if I can just sit in on this class then. Research experience is definitely a must. Any idea how to break into that world? I've been trying to volunteer in a lab but have been met with many responses that only enrolled undergraduates are able to volunteer...
  2. Hello! Thanks for reading. Since my undergrad in history sociology and religious studies I have been working in the mental health fields (crisis stabilizer, wilderness therapy, etc.) And was planning on going back for clinical mental health counseling. After getting accepted to a few of those programs and sitting in on some classes/reviewing course lists I've decided that I wish to pursue a more academically rigorous path towards a PhD in clinical psychology, specifics to study evolutionary psychology as relevant to clinical work, behavioral biology, and impacts of supernormal stimuli o
  3. Hello! Not sure if this is the correct venue to ask this question, but I'll give it a shot. I am looking at going back to school and after much deliberation have decided a master's is the most feasible option for me at the moment. Considering at the moment either pursuing a degree in clinical mental health counseling or counseling psychology. The things that interest me the most (and, I think, are/will become most relevant to profession of counseling) are interpersonal neurobiology, evolutionary psychology and behavioral biology. Is anyone aware of some master's level counseling progr
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