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  1. Officially rejected today from OISE SCCP via a pleasant letter on the application portal
  2. I have received an official offer from SFU via email! Very excited!! Feel free to message me
  3. I received an unofficial offer from SFU through a phone call from my POI. Feel free to PM
  4. I've worked closely with folks who have previously interviewed for MA Experimental Psych and MA and/or MEd Counselling (i.e., I do not have direct experience, but consulted with these individuals for my own interviews in clinical). The common observation is for interview days, business casual at a minimum and depending on comfort levels, tie and a smart jacket/blazer. Pant suits are an option for any gender, and as long as it doesn't look like you're going to prom right after the interview, you will look fine. For recruiting events/socials, depending on your audience, business casual is probably a safe bet. Dress down a bit if you're doing events with only grad students. A business-casual interview option that works in interview/social environments are sweater vests and dress pants/skirt.
  5. I and other students in my current lab interpreted "Faculty" to be like "Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences" or "Faculty of Education", because most applications require you to apply to 2 or 3 faculty members (staff) but to one faculty (group of departments that the department you are specifically applying to falls under). Particularly because the funding is specific to you and the institution, and not to your supervisor of interest. For example, applying to the Clinical Psychology program at UBC, you would be under the Faculty of Arts. For the SCCP program at the University of Alberta, it would be the Faculty of Education. This is how my supervisor and other students interpreted it, and several of us were awarded it last year.
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