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  1. Would the person who interviewed at Harvard be able to send me their POI? Thanks
  2. Has anyone talked to the Boston university grad coordinator and asked if all invites have been sent out?
  3. Have all interviews gone out for Austin Texas? It seems like people were contacted early this year. Any info would be helpful!
  4. So if we haven’t heard about interviews for UBC-V by this Friday, do we assume rejection/waitlist?
  5. POIs dont review applications until late January/early February
  6. Has anyone heard from Harvard yet or know when they start sending out interview invites?
  7. Or if you've talked to the admin assistant about any info, please share
  8. Still no word from UBC-V eh? PM me if you've heard (because i have not!)
  9. I was talking about UBC-V interview dates not UTSC. Sorry for the confusion! Did not apply to UTSC haha best of luck!
  10. I was told the interview days are Feb 14th and 15th! Can you send me the link where you see this info?
  11. Waiting for a response from UBC-V POI will be the death of me! If any one who was accepted from previous years can message me with an expected timeline or if they know anything about their interview date etc., pls msg me! thank you
  12. I would share with one of your advisors you have already committedto an interview date and ask for another arrangement! It shows them you are a competitive applicant which is good because they're not only interviewing you, you are also interviewing them!
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