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  1. If your status still says under evaluation you are on the waitlist and they will update closer to the April 15th deadline.
  2. I wonder why it is delayed when the applications were due back in October?
  3. Nope. They were already delayed and now with COVID I am sure they are even further behind. I have seen April 1st thrown around but I'm not sure,
  4. I agree that it is late, especially considering that the deadline for making a decision is April 15th.
  5. So I saw someone on social media had been officially offered a spot at uOttawa so I'm assuming I've been waitlisted based on my online status saying under evaluation still. Anyone hear from Sask? I know they tend to be late.
  6. Thanks! I saw that post on the results page but wasn't sure if it was an official acceptance or an email from their POI.
  7. Do you know if anyone received an official acceptance yet?
  8. They POI technically can't tell you that it's for certain, but I have never heard of department's refusing a POI's recommendation so it's pretty likely that you're in
  9. Has anyone heard from uOttawa for final decisions for clinical? Someone put on the results page that they were refused via portal but mine still says "under review"
  10. Anyone know anything about Saskatchewan post-interview?
  11. Anyone know when Ottawa is sending out results?
  12. One last attempt to see if anyone has heard from U Sask yet...
  13. No invites have gone out yet. They are still interviewing.
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