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  1. YES! This happened to me too. I refreshed the page and things went back to normal-- finished with no other complications. Just make sure you save before you leave and come back and don't panic. It's normal (at least it was for me lol)
  2. For anyone applying to UCalgary: Are you writing a proposal specifically geared towards your desired PI? I wanted to revise my CGS-M proposal and upload that, but I am leaning towards writing a new, more specific one. Even though my CGS-M proposal relates to my desired field of research, it's more social than my PI's research. What is everyone else doing?
  3. Pretty sure it's 2 pages single spaced-- that's what I read and that's what I am sticking to! "Applicants are required to write a personal statement regarding interest in graduate training in the field. Applicants should describe their research interests and indicate potential faculty member supervisors whose research interests are compatible with their own. The statement should be no more than two pages, single-spaced." ^^This is on their Psychology department admissions page
  4. Thank you! I'll try my best to find that and attach it. What about the select schools that still require you to mail an official transcript? There're no way to attach a grading sheet to the sealed document. Would you recommend I just attach it online?
  5. Hi everyone! On the topic of transcripts, my school's official transcript does not even provide a GPA. It provides the percentage grade and then the class average-- that's it. I emailed UVic to ask what they would require (because their instructions were slightly more demanding) and they weren't much help. Do I need to provide a GPA scale? Or is the even necessary considering the grades are percentages?
  6. I'm not uploading mine-- also, I've been having so many issues with the EGAS portal. It logged me out and says that my login information is wrong. I'm going to contact their IT department I'd say that's your best bet.
  7. In ETS, I put in Clin Psych 2001 (University of Manitoba code 0973). When I first wrote my GRE, I couldn't find it on ETS at the end of my exam so I had to pay, which was annoying. But try that! I have yet to complete that on the application itself. But it's 2001 I'm pretty sure.
  8. Oh got it! Which school is it, if you don't mind me asking. One school I'm applying to (UManitoba) still requires it but if you look at their admissions statistics, the GRE mean scores actually aren't ridiculously high! In my opinion, I wouldn't draw any extra attention to your scores- the grad students and professors I've spoken to say its one of the least valued aspects of the application. And I know people who had weaker scores in some sections but still got interviews and even got in. I think if you draw extra attention to it, admissions may look closer. Let your strengths shine for themse
  9. Most schools aren't asking for scores. So i am simply not submitting them or writing them down when prompted in the application (I think this is right, because the apps i've worked on so far have a note saying this section isn't mandatory). I think you could consider doing that as well since we are def being thrown a bone here!
  10. Hi all, This may be a weird question, but I'm currently filling in all of my personal information on various applications just to have them open and ready to submit once I'm happy with my supplementary materials. Has anyone had a look at the UWindsor application? It asks you to select your program of study that you are applying to and the only available clinical options are PhD programs. I'm wondering if I'm missing something 😕. Thanks in advance!
  11. I actually also have a question pertaining to this: If there is only one (or at most, 2) supervisors I want to work with at a given school, am I meant to add another name I really have no interest in working with? In other words-- when they say "list up to 2" or "list up to 3" do they really mean, "we want to see 2-3 names here"? Is it a bad call to be truthful and only put the one PI? Would love people's thoughts on this as well.
  12. I’m a student representative for my school with the CPA. I considered joining mainly for the benefits that CPA has (preference for mind pad submissions, networking with students, etc.) but I’m sure there are also benefits to having it on your CV. It shows leadership and engagement in the academic community. It is expensive for 3 months of the remaining year, but if you’re looking to publish, I’d say that’s enough of a pro!
  13. I only met with one PI I reached out to back in August and she was the one who suggested a meeting. Most of the PIs I've spoken too as well have not been receptive to pre-application conversation (I was actually surprised so many people were organizing zoom meetings with PIs!). I don't think this is abnormal at all, so I wouldn't worry if I were you.
  14. I haven't heard back from the PI I emailed , but it's really not in my top few schools or anything so I'm not too concerned. Have you tried sending a polite follow-up?
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