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  1. Congrats on your amazing options. Where you live matters a lot - go with your gut! I've lived in both cities (including one for my MPH) and happy to offer insights. DM me if you have any questions!
  2. Also waitlisted at BU DrPH. Felt the same way about my interview. I thought their letter (which I assume was the same for all waitlist folks) was very nice and emphasized how competitive this year was. Also waiting on Rutgers (and GW).
  3. I heard from Berkeley DrPH (acceptance w/o an interview) in early Feb. Maybe they do interviews on "as needed" basis? Perhaps they are waiting to send out waitlist until they get a touch more confirmation/clarity from their first wave of acceptances.
  4. I was accepted to Colorado Environmental DrPH too! Congrats!! Still waiting on GW and BU DrPH - interviewed but no rejection yet.
  5. Hi! I interviewed for GW's new school-wide DrPH program in Feb. Was told decisions would be returned by mid-March at the latest. I am not sure if GW interviews all final candidates or if it they do it "as needed" to get a better sense of certain applicants (I have somewhat uncommon career background/interests).
  6. Harvard DrPH appears to have sent out rejections. Was expecting that one! Oh well. Onward and upward.
  7. I recently spoke to a doctoral program director and asked if she had any insights as to why application numbers were so high across programs. She shared that in her 10+ years on the admin side of the program, anytime the economy is not stable applications go up bc people tend to see it as a good time for skill building. This year it was further reinforced by covid putting the spotlight on public health, and it may have motivated more people to seek out advanced ph training. She said it wasn't just volume that made it so competitive, but that so many applicants were really, really good.
  8. Harvard DrPH conducted first round interviews starting in mid-Jan, and then I believe second rounds end of Jan/early Feb (I got a first round and was told they do two - it's been radio silence ever since my first, oh well). There were a couple folks who posted about being waitlisted maybe a week or so ago? No rejections sent yet to my knowledge...😬
  9. Mine was yesterday via Zoom. My sense is that each department does their own thing (but they probably try to align timelines). I was given details on the format and who would be on the call. I had been considering CHB before deciding on E/O and the people I interacted with from that dept were incredibly nice! I'm sure they will offer more detail (or if you ask, they will!).
  10. Same for Environmental/Occupational (received invite last week).
  11. Thanks for the input! Appreciate this perspective.
  12. I have a question for the group - I am incredibly lucky and was recently accepted into one of my top choices. I was just today invited to interview at a school that I would be unlikely to go to over this top pick. Both schools would require a really, really big move/life change, but my top pick is a better academic fit for me and the location is better for my spouse's career. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the interview opportunity and do not take that lightly at all! But I am leaning towards politely declining the interview out of respect for the interviewers' time/efforts (and to o
  13. I interviewed on Jan 14 for first round Harvard DrPH interview. I am assuming I was not moved forward in the process bc I haven't heard since and they do two rounds of interviews. From speaking with others I know it's both small and a super competitive program, even in a non-covid year!
  14. I had one interview for Harvard DrPH in mid-January and then radio silence since. I know they do two rounds of interviews, so I am assuming I did not move on to the next stage. EDIT: Was trying to reply to a post from above asking for news on Harvard DrPH. Sorry I can't figure out how to delete and repost. 😬
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