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  1. For those in the decision-making process, I got what I thought was good advice today: Spend a day pretending that you have made your decision and accepted School A. The next day, pretend that you've made your decision for School B. Etc, etc. See how you feel each time.
  2. I know right...the decision process feels even more involved than the application process! Then again maybe I've blocked the trauma of applications from my mind.
  3. I'm struggling with this too, and I have fewer choices than you haha. From everything I hear from others/scouring the internet, it really comes down to what's important to you. Wherever you choose will determine a lot of things about your life for the next 4-5 years. That means location (climate, city), people (faculty, students), stress level (how supportive is the program, how good is the funding, is the environment collaborative or competitive), and probably lots of other things. I found this one article recommending a weighted grading rubric to help decide, which might at least be helpful
  4. Would love to talk about UNC HB! Just messaged you
  5. Oh weird! I did get an email (yesterday) but it was SUPER generic, just that I should check the portal. And it looks like the update to the portal was also made yesterday. Weirdly, what happened to you also happened to me with Johns Hopkins (wait-listed there), and I similarly felt weird about it until the program director reached out lol. Maybe the email doesn't get sent if you happen to check the portal first? Not sure how technically advanced these portal systems are 😅
  6. I got into UNC Health Behavior too!! Over the moon, but I didn't get any funding or advisor info...just a generic email and acceptance letter. Assuming those details will be sent soonish?
  7. First acceptance y'all! University of Minnesota Epi PhD program, social/behavioral epidemiology track
  8. Hi all, I've been lurking for about a month and finally decided to say hello. Here's what I've got so far: Rejected: Harvard PHS-SBS (did not interview), UW-Health Services (interviewed, but not surprised at the rejection as I don't think it was actually the best fit) Wait-listed: Johns Hopkins-SBS Interviewed and waiting: UCLA-CHS, UNC Chapel Hill-Health Behavior, CUNY-Epi No word: Columbia-Epi, Berkeley-Epi, NYU-SBS, Yale-SBS And then I sort of have good news from the University of Minnesota Epi program. They don't seem to do interviews, but they're being really t
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