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  1. Another positive note, Monday is over or almost over (depending on where you are)
  2. This is all super helpful, thanks! Definitely a few things for me to think about. Interviews are a big black box to me and maybe this is why people keep saying PhD is about "fit" and a bit of random luck. Still unsure what "fit" exactly means. Some days I feel like I'm beginning to get what "fit" means and other days, I'm completely thrown off 😵
  3. Hi all, I hope you are all surviving this intense application cycle! And a huge congrats to everyone who received a good news so far! I'm always impressed by how accomplished this group is and definitely learning a lot through this forum. I'm also joining the JHU-HPM-reject party eyyy I know there is still a lot of results to be released, but I've been in a reflective mood thinking about the next cycle because as hopeful as I'd like to be, there is a good chance I'll need to try this again. So, for all those who have conducted interviews thus far, is there anything you wish you would have ask
  4. I'm so sorry about the news, mj123 Definitely onward and upward. Hope your other apps are making more favorable progress! I also applied to Health Policy and Clinical Practice and I'm terrified to hear back. I hate this waiting, but for reason, I'm also scared to hear back at all, either about interviews or rejections. I don't know if anyone else can relate lol Anyway, good luck to all of us!
  5. I see, thank you! Hope this new week brings us some good news!
  6. Looks like there are a few health policy folks here! HP friends, anyone apply to Stanford HP and heard anything?
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