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  1. please excuse my atrocious spelling. *ivory tower*
  2. Im glad to hear you'll consider it. It's a weird department (like any other Phil department lol) but if you seek people out they are almost unwilling to let you fail. A lot has been happening surrounding the MA, they are trying really hard to make it better. It was never bad, just...not funded. Biggest issue that has lead to is there being a fair amount of super rich kids in the program who don't understand why some of us have to work. That has really changed in the last two years though. When I first started, I said there was no way in hell Id apply to the PhD: I'm just a poor kid with a shit
  3. and honestly I hate that the program isn't funded. drives me nuts. I really wish it were. the MA council is trying to figure out where and how to appeal for funds and what not. But we will see. No idea how any of it will work out
  4. ....I don't really know why you would want to read that into my attempt to support a program I really admire... honestly I just think its not given its fair credit. A lot of us have to pay for an MA, sometimes that is just how it goes. I found some tuition remission jobs that BC offers and I just wanted to be sure if that if someone really wanted to come here they'd have someone to talk to. BC has been really great to me and for me, after getting treated like shit from some other programs...ive come to value that more and more. Its a good program with a lot of opportunities in boston. When I c
  5. It's a very continental school, most analytic offerings are either combined grad/undergrad courses or you have to take them somewhere else through the consortium... but if you have a particular question id be happy to try and answer it
  6. do you have a particular question?
  7. mostly housing and student jobs. they are not well posted but good opportunities are there. The consortium for classes that BC doesn't offer...semester T passes have to be bought ahead of time but you can get them for a discounted rate... mostly practical matters.
  8. Hey everyone! Im a current MA student at BC and I really fell in love with the program. There's a lot happening here and I've noticed that many of the issues new MA students face are frankly stupid issues that are easily resolved. Boston just operates in its own way and you have to know what to do and where to look before coming here. SO I've decided to offer advise and aid to anyone considering BC but who wants to know about practical matters. Hope this helps!
  9. Also I'm a second year MA at BC. If anyone has questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Overall I've loved it.
  10. Anyone hear from Tufts for rejections/waitlist?
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