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  1. TorreAttack

    Questions, Concerns, and Advice Re: Reapplying

    I am also thinking about reapplying. My question is when people apply after they get their masters, do they typically apply year 2, so they can go somewhere else year 3, or do they apply year 3 so they already have their masters under their belt?
  2. TorreAttack

    Final Decisions / Accepting Offers Fall 2018!

    Accepted UT Austin.
  3. TorreAttack

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    Accepted to UT Austin.
  4. TorreAttack

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    No, I am second on MIT's waitlist and was just informed I didn;t make it. Oddly I just got an email from UT Austin asking about my interest
  5. TorreAttack

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    Rejected from MIT. Was next on the waitlist.
  6. TorreAttack

    New Slogan for Grad Café?

    GradCafe: For 17th grade and up
  7. TorreAttack

    MIT accepted/waitlisted

    I'm very nervously waiting on MIT's waitlist, and I thought I would ask if there were any accepted or waitlisted students here that would be willing to share their plans. As MIT is my top choice, I will probably be waiting until April.
  8. TorreAttack

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    I got waitlisted at MIT, my top choice! At least now I know my anxiety won't stop until April. T-T
  9. TorreAttack

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    Accepted into U Penn by email from the philosophy department. A formal letter from the Dean to come.
  10. TorreAttack

    Rants, Venting, and Speculation

    When application deadlines were incoming I just wished my professors would submit on time so everything would be fine. When this decision period first started I just wished I wouldn't get shut out so everything would be fine. Now after I got my first acceptance to a school which happened to be a near perfect fit I just wish I could get another one so I have a meaningful choice and everything will be fine. When will things be fine? T-T (maybe in like 30 years if I get tenure at a reputable institution???)
  11. TorreAttack

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    The response rate for posting acceptances on gradcafe varies pretty wildly. To date I am the only person who posted an acceptance to CMU and they are done with sending both acceptances and rejections from their PhD program, and I know for a fact that there are at least 9 other admitted students not including their masters program.
  12. TorreAttack

    For future applicants: Letter of recommendation tracker

    It was pretty much for me only. Two professors actually filled that column out themselves once they sent letter, but you're right it's not too helpful for the professors themselves.
  13. For the convenience of future applicants, I have here the template of my letter of recommendation tracker for grad school. Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Fb5HrkTcrEIh3WfwjymCJ2FdPkZJJZx8Py0sbc49Kxw/edit?usp=sharing This was the basic template, and each of my letter writers got a personal link with the document filled with all of the schools that would be expecting a letter from them. An additional column could be added with specific interests for each school. For instance I applied to some schools with strong Philosophy of Science programs, and other schools with strong Applied Ethics programs, and I indicated which schools fell into which categories when I thought the letter writer would find it relevant. I sent this tracker by email with the following form: Dear Professor X, Thank you for agreeing to be one of my letter writers for this coming application season. In order to make this process as easy as possible for you, I have made this google sheet that contains information on all of the programs that I would like for you to send a letter to. (Link here) This document contains how each school will contact you (So far all of them will contact you by email) and when the deadline is for letter submissions. It also indicates whether or not the school is actively accepting letters now, or if it will wait until later in the "live?" column. When I receive notice that a program has received a letter, I will indicate so in the "received?" column. Some of the schools require me to submit a phone number and an address, so if you are willing, please send over a phone number and mailing address that I can submit as part of my request for a letter of recommendation. I hope that this document makes writing on my behalf as easy as possible. Please let me know if you have any questions or requests. Sincerely, TorreAttack Should you decide to use this tracker, make sure to change the name of the google doc to indicate which professor the tracker is for to avoid any mixups. Before I sent this tracker, I sent each of my letter writers a document that succinctly summarized my work in undergrad. For each letter writer, the document began with a summary of each course I took with them with a three sentence review of each paper I wrote in the course and a selection of quotes from the comments they wrote on the paper and my work on the course in general. After that I did the same with any courses that I did not take with them but were related to my interest in graduate school. I ended with a description of the extracurricular/volunteer/research work I did that was related to my interests in graduate school that they might not have known about. I might post my other application templates soon as a way to keep busy during decision season. Best of luck to you future applicants! Make sure to ask your professors to write for you well in advance!
  14. TorreAttack

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    ah, Feb. 9. Thank you, it's a big relief.
  15. TorreAttack

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    I received the call at around 5:30 pm

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