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  1. TorreAttack


    If they plan on having a visit day in early April they should be getting back to us by the end of the week.
  2. TorreAttack


    They told me today that they do not expect to release decisions by this friday, so it looks like we'll be waiting for at least until next week, possibly until after spring break.
  3. TorreAttack

    Final Outcomes

    I sent in a mostly math paper as my writing sample this time so I guess I'm not surprised that only an hps wanted me.
  4. TorreAttack

    Time spent on Sample paper

    Last season I spent half a year on it, this time I just submitted one of my seminar papers near unchanged. My results profile has changed dramatically, though that might be because my current writing sample is extremely specific to the mathematics of causation. I am willing to dm either of my samples if anyone is interested.
  5. TorreAttack


    Rejected from MIT
  6. TorreAttack

    Penn Relative Competitiveness

    I was accepted to Penn last admissions cycle. I made the mistake last year of not tailoring my SOP to schools I applied to, so my application was fairly generic. I sent 4 letters of recommendation, 3 from undergraduate philosophy professors and 1 from an undergraduate math professor. I sent the extra math recommendation because I am interested in rational choice and game theory. I came from a small liberal arts school. You can see my stats from the last admissions cycle in my signature. If you would like, I can DM you the writing sample I sent to Penn.
  7. TorreAttack


  8. TorreAttack


    Accepted to U Pitt. First acceptance of second round of applications. Applying out from UT Austin. Notified by phone. Official letter coming. Will likely accept.
  9. TorreAttack

    Financial Aid Questions

    I'm actually at UT Austin right now on their undergrad stipend offer and I'm doing well in a two bedroom apartment with one roommate. I was extremely worried about the low funding offer but it turns out it's not too bad at all, Austin is not a terribly expensive place to live.
  10. TorreAttack

    Questions, Concerns, and Advice Re: Reapplying

    I am also thinking about reapplying. My question is when people apply after they get their masters, do they typically apply year 2, so they can go somewhere else year 3, or do they apply year 3 so they already have their masters under their belt?
  11. TorreAttack

    Final Decisions / Accepting Offers Fall 2018!

    Accepted UT Austin.
  12. TorreAttack

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    Accepted to UT Austin.
  13. TorreAttack

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    No, I am second on MIT's waitlist and was just informed I didn;t make it. Oddly I just got an email from UT Austin asking about my interest
  14. TorreAttack

    2018 Acceptance/Rejection Thread

    Rejected from MIT. Was next on the waitlist.
  15. TorreAttack

    New Slogan for Grad Café?

    GradCafe: For 17th grade and up

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