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  1. In case anyone is interested: I have just accepted my offer from UW-Milwaukee and will be soon declining offers from NIU, VT, and WMU--hopefully this means that someone else will be able to take my place in any of these wonderful programs!! Good luck, everyone!!
  2. I got notified by VT yesterday--accepted and wait-listed for funding. Will probably decline the offer soon!
  3. @JeshZhavvorsa Thank you again!! I'm grateful as hell, not to mention a bit stunned. I really didn't know what to expect coming into this because I knew I was a strong applicant, but it was tough to say exactly how strong. But, for what it's worth, I'm rootin' for ya! I actually emailed Lenny Clapp just a couple hours ago like "yo, so where we at on that wait-list homie??" lol. I'll let you know if I get anything useful outta him.
  4. @Descartes blanche What's your AOI? I'm super curious now, because your schools seem sort of all over the place in terms of department strengths! Of course, I'm likely to overlook the things they have in common because I'm preoccupied with my own AOI... so forgive me if this was a really stupid question lol.
  5. @Descartes blanche Thank you so very much! I'm almost certain that I will accept UW-Milwaukee's offer, but I'd like to visit Western Michigan first. They gave me full funding too, so I want to sort of see what they're about. I'm going to try to be quick about it, though! God knows that the last thing I want is to leave other folks feeling like they're on unstable ground as we approach that April 15th deadline. Is UW-Milwaukee a top contender for you, too? I have my fingers crossed for you, at any rate!
  6. @JeshZhavvorsa Than you!! They've been number one for me ever since I visited the department in December! I felt so at ease there--like I fit in right away. And fit is, after funding, my top priority. Still, I think I ought to visit WMU before I commit to anything. I may have that same experience again, y'know? Plus, if there's any chance that I could still be offered an assistantship at NIU, that would obviously be attractive to me lol.
  7. Was just taken off the UW-Milwaukee wait-list yesterday afternoon--full funding!
  8. Hey!! I'm sorry to have taken so long getting back to you! So, off the bat, no--I do not know what this is, nor do I remember signing such a thing lol. Worse, I just checked on my application, and I didn't see it anywhere. Was it, like, on the main page with all the other stuff (e.g. writing sample and letters of rec and whatever)? At any rate, I received my decision by email!
  9. @MtnDuck Hey! Yeah, please! It's pretty unlikely that I will be able to visit VT if I'm admitted since I live about 700 miles away, so please do message me and tell me all about it. Departmental climate is pretty important to me, and, of course, it's tough to gather much about that without chatting with, like, an actual person lol.
  10. @soproperlybasic yay! Btw, Brandeis would've probably been my top choice were it not for the funding. I met a student from Cape Cod when I visited UWM, and she had received the maximum funding package from Brandeis but told me that she still would have been forced to take out tens of thousands more in loans just to get by. Perhaps your financial situation is different from mine, but that was enough to put me off Brandeis altogether lol.
  11. Ha! Well, that's convenient. I will probably have to work, and, even if I don't, I live on the north side of Chicago, so the commute would be doable but also, like, kind of a huge pain in the ass lol. So yes, I will almost certainly shoot you some questions soon. Thank you!
  12. @Descartes blanche Yeah, I'm (obviously) still waiting on UWM and VT as well. UWM is my top choice--although I really do like all the programs to which I applied--so I may end up declining the offer from WMU, too. Still, the news is nonetheless exciting, especially since I didn't get an upfront offer of funding from NIU!! Are you able to attend the prospective student thing next weekend? Seems kind of short notice for those traveling from out of state lol.
  13. @soproperlybasic oof, I do not feel in any way prepared for a PhD program! But good on ya. Certainly, if I did feel prepared for a PhD program, those would be among my top picks! But I got into the game a little late, and I, frankly, half-assed most of my undergraduate work. I didn't write a thesis, I haven't been published (at least, not in philosophy), I haven't attended any conferences, I haven't really done... like... anything lol. I regret that now, obviously, but it wasn't until I graduated that I realized philosophy was the only thing in this world really worth a damn to me. As it stands, the idea that I could or should be anything BUT a philosopher is sincerely laughable to me. I only wish I had realized sooner! At any rate, you are so pleasant that I can't help but hope the best for you!! Keep me posted!
  14. Me too!! And I think I would enroll in any program that offered me full funding, but, of course, I only applied to four programs, so I'm not exactly in a position to be super picky. Moreover, any of the four programs to which I applied would, I think, make a good fit for me and my research interests--in other words, I only applied to schools that I would ACTUALLY want to attend. In short, YES: I would absolutely choose Western Michigan over NIU if they made me a better offer. At this point, though, Milwaukee is my very first choice! What about you? In a perfect world, where would you go?
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