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  1. we're all impatient and wanting updates, so I thought I'd let you guys know that my app at UBC has changed from 'submitted' to 'in progress', so it looks like they've started the review process!! Fingers crossed!
  2. Update: had the interview. It was definitely more a space for me to ask questions, but it was very low key and the faculty I spoke with were incredibly kind. I'd be thrilled to be accepted. However, the vibe was that I should apply for the MA program (not funded :/) to boost my application and try for the PhD after that. They also said program numbers haven't changed because of COVID but they have gotten more applicants this year. Should hear back in Feb/March. Anticipating a rejection, but fingers crossed!
  3. It makes me sort of wonder if there are actually less applicants this year than in other years
  4. So I'm not sure if this is an actual interview or like more of a pre-interview situation, but I was contacted by a professor I'd chatted with a bit over the summer for a zoom meeting. He included another faculty member whom I'd mentioned in my SOP and we're meeting next week. I'm obviously just nervous and would love some advice or some clarification or basically just anything you have to say.
  5. On the results page it looks like someone got an interview, so hopefully you'll hear something soon! Same with Chicago
  6. Has anyone had their application status change? All of mine still just say 'submitted' and I know it's early in the process but I'm anxious to hear SOMETHING
  7. (Also Posted this in Classics thread) Not sure where this belongs since it's neither exactly classics nor history, but I was in contact with the Yale Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations program, and they said that they started reviewing applications today, so hopefully people will start hearing back from them and related departments soon!
  8. I'm not really sure where this belongs since it's not exactly classics and not exactly history, but I had to email the Yale Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations program about something in my app, and they said that they have already started reviewing applications (deadline was Saturday). So hopefully the Classics department is doing the same and people will start hearing back soon!
  9. So, I've seen a few people who seem to know exactly how many people are being accepted per cohort for the programs they're applying to. I'm wondering how they get this information? Do they reach out and ask or is it available online somewhere?
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