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Staying in Canada vs. studying in the US


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I am a Canadian citizen who has gotten offers for clinical psychology PhD programs in Canada and the US. I understand that one major setback for attending US programs is my ineligibility for funding as well as VA internships. For funding I am offered 21k per year, and for internships I can come back to Canada.

I am wondering 1) what differences does attending a US program vs. a Canadian program make in helping me achieve my goal of an academic career and 2) if there are any other factors (besides funding and internship) I should consider.


Thank you for your input and good luck in your studies/applications!

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Depending on where you live 21K may not get you very far.... I'm in a low cost of living state and 21K barely pays cost of living and you better hope you don't have any medical, transportation, or housing emergencies... :-/

I think you decision on how each will get you go your goal should have more to do with fit in the program and the type of work you would be doing in that program. If those are equal and university prestige is equal... then I'd go where it will be easiest for me... in your case that may be staying in Canada... but I doubt the offers are exactly equal in all other respects useful to the career.

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