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  1. I actually just heard back from my department regarding my result, but not from SSHRC at all?? So weird. Good luck to all!!
  2. Exactly same. Which committee/dept are you in, if I can ask?
  3. I'm so sorry. I'm also mentally preparing to apply again this fall, although my (UBC) dept says there is no news from Grad Studies
  4. Wow. I'm in disbelief. What a bunch of amateur clowns.
  5. Just tried to call and it says they are experiencing a high volume of calls
  6. Someone in this thread said that the email SSHRC sent to their department said "All results should be available to students by end of day, Friday, May 1st" I can't believe they would send different departments different info eeh
  7. Just heard back from my administrator and they haven't heard anything either. I'm at UBC, if that helps anyone else.
  8. True, in the big scheme of things of course this is pretty minor. But I do think that if SSHRC was handling this fairly, all the applicants would find out at the same time.
  9. I'm seriously confused, 2500 people is a relatively small number and I don't think it justifies staggering the logins or the Extranet crashing? But then again I'm in social sciences and I don't know the last thing about computers 🤓
  10. Is there any chance that contacting SSHRC could help clarify the situation? Never been in touch with them directly so i have no idea how responsive they are. Maybe someone in this thread tried to get in touch already
  11. Has anyone been able to access the Extranet in the past couple of hours? I'm trying to see if the "forgot password" trick works for me, but I've been refreshing endlessly since this morning and the server is always down 😤😤
  12. Also committee 5, through an institution, no login info.
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