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  1. Is anyone who's admitted to UCalgary for fall 2020 having trouble registering for classes? I keep getting a error saying I need the department's consent to enroll in the classes I've chosen. I've already sent an e-mail to the department asking about this. I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.
  2. Done bugging you guys with questions about whether or not UCalgary's started sending out their offers. Got my letter yesterday and officially accepted my offer today for experimental psych. Yay!
  3. UCalgary clinical and experimental applicants: any news?
  4. Seems like no one's heard back yet. Hopefully offers will start going out by next Friday.
  5. Any news from UCalgary applicants? I spoke with a few current students and they told me their offers went out one week after their open house.
  6. With the UCalgary open house now finished, does anyone know when offers of admission are supposed to start going out?
  7. The open house was today. Invitations were sent out to whatever e-mail applicants listed on their application about three weeks ago. My understanding is that offers of admission will start going out within the next 2 weeks (I'm not 100% sure about that timeline). It may be worth contacting the program to see if they'll be waitlisting applicants and/or doing a second round of offers later on.
  8. Just sent an e-mail. They've been really bad about responding to my e-mails since I started the application process. I know the first day is supposed to be tours of campus and labs, and presentations by researchers/students in the department. What's scheduled for the second day?
  9. Has anyone who's RSVP'd to UCalgary's open house received an itinerary yet?
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