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  1. I went to auburn for undergrad for Civil but I'm not an international student, I'll try to answer to the best of my ability. In terms of living, there's a lot of different apartment complexes, prices vary depending on how close you are to campus, how many roommates, how nice of a place you want to live in. If you're smart an you find the right situation and spend the time searching i'm sure something around 300 a month or cheaper may be available. If your getting 1200 a semester I'm gonna say you'll be dipping into your money a little bit because leases are 12 months long and you'll have cost
  2. I went to Auburn for undergrad, but for civil engineering. I feel it is a better engineering school than its ranking suggests, in that by word of mouth its a respected school, at least in the interviews and discussions I've had with professionals. One thing you should know if that the Materials Engineering is an extremely small department, I'm pretty the Engineering College plans on moving it back into the Chemical Engineering Department, where it originally separated from. Something you might want to look into as I'm not 100% certain.
  3. You'll likely experience the full change of weather so I would pack accordingly...it will still be warm in august/September....also if you have some technology that traps warmth or sunlight in a jar bring that too
  4. Game of Thrones is pretty much what I consistently watch, I'm look forward to it see how the second half goes and what diverts from the books, also looking forward fo certain moments for some characters that should happen this season
  5. Just about to graduate from here for undergrad, and I've loved my time here. College football is king here, gamedays get pretty crazy and are usually a lot of fun. The campus is very pretty and it's very much a college town. In terms of housing auburn has a bus system that goes to a number of apartment complexes. There's a lot of places with a range of prices, but avoid Tiger Lodge at all cost, multiple people have been shot there in the last couple of years.
  6. Only country I've been to outside the US has been Bolivia for 10 days each of the last 3 years with an engineering outreach program. The capital of La Paz is actually pretty cool. Going to Germany for 10 days after graduation this May and I'll be stopping in Vienna and Prague so I'm stoked for that.
  7. What may help is to try to get a copy of the equations book they give you with the exam..at least at my university they have extras. That will allow you to be familiar with what they give you and possibly memorize a few so you know them off the top of your head. Hope this helps.
  8. Hey guys just curious what software you find yourself using in graduate level classes. My undergrad only taught us GTSTRUDL so I was thinking of trying to learn some others. I know RISA And STAAD are some other ones.
  9. Haha I don't know that! But yeah the cold can get pretty brutal, I got tons of family in other parts of NY but shoveling my car is not something I look forward to.
  10. Golazo2015

    Buffalo, NY

    So I've been reading this thread and can someone clarify what exactly is the downtown area? It seems like its elmwood or Allentown but I'm not exactly sure, my department would be on north campus but personally I wouldn't mind a drive or taking public transit and would prefer to live closer to where more is going on.
  11. Is one program significantly better than the other?
  12. Heading to Germany for 10 days after graduation Hopefully interning somewhere over the summer, otherwise working somewhere Studying/ Taking the FE Finding a place to live Enjoy as much warm weather as possible
  13. Didn't see one in the forum so I figured I'd start one. Anyone else heading to UB in the fall? Are you ready for the cold? Do you think the Bills will finally make the playoffs? Can you determine the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? Comment below
  14. Just curious is anyone here planning on going to SUNY Buffalo?
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