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  1. Has anyone who interviewed with Indiana (IBMG) heard back from them?
  2. Hi! Do you know which program of Vandy is it?
  3. I attended UTSW open house couple months before, they said they will review international applicants separately. Probably they are still working on that. BTW, they also mentioned that this year they will accept less international students due to some defers from last year..
  4. I got the invitation from the I&M program today. So it looks like the review is still going!
  5. Me too! Keep getting e-mails every Friday saying my application is still under review😂. I also applied to the immuno&micro track.
  6. Thanks, the waiting is endless...I really hope they can get back to me soon so I will know what my next steps are... I'm sorry to hear about your rejection...Hope you will get other programs you like!
  7. Thanks! I applied the immunology & micro track...
  8. Hi! I saw you got an interview from Rochester. May I ask which track did you apply for? I am waiting for Rochester but my application has been 'under review' forever..Lol
  9. Do you know if it applies to a specific track or the biomedical science program in general?
  10. I also applied the I3 track at Rutgers. I got an e-mail (on Dec 24th 2020) saying that I will be contacted around the first week of Jan with a formal invitation for recruitment events.
  11. Has anyone heard from the BPH program at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health?
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