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  1. I'm in the Developmental, Regenerative & Stem Cell program! And I don't think they have an official revisit unless we really want to revisit--but I can't miss any more classes!
  2. Congrats to everyone making their choices! I just finally told my PI, who didn't want me to go to WashU over Columbia that I had accepted the offer at WashU and he was surprisingly supportive! Hooray, the part I was dreading is officially over! Now to just keep dreaming about moving to St. Louis--I can't wait!
  3. Sigh, I know. It is just so hard, I'm ready to know what I'm doing for the fall!
  4. I attend my final interview weekend tomorrow but already know I want to go elsewhere...I have already written the acceptance email for the program and am itching to hit send. I should wait until after this interview...right? It would be rude to accept my top choice before then?
  5. Meep_Meep

    St. Louis, MO

    I'm planning on going to WashU this fall! I'm looking forward to having my own apartment but am curious about whether most people live in studios or bigger apartments and if there are any apartment buildings that have high populations of grad students?
  6. I think it depends on how you were contacted. I have some that I know I can just fill out an online form and leave it at that. However, there are several that the program directors have specifically asked that I email them personally as soon as I know my decision. I think it depends on the school and size of program, but they'll often specify?
  7. Okay, I was emailed back on several, it was all very polite, wished me the best of luck, but still made me feel awkward...
  8. This whole "decision" making thing is driving me crazy...but I guess too many possibilities is the best problem to have?

    1. mseph


      Yeah, I think it's a better problem nonetheless, but I can relate. Making a decision becomes harder when I think about the fact that I'll spend 5+ years wherever I end up.

  9. You too, I really have my fingers crossed that you will get in! Keep up the hope!
  10. To be perfectly honest, I'm hoping they don't respond at all!
  11. Just began declining offers, this is so hard. I know the schools are used to it, but I still feel awful having to do it (especially when I have to do personal emails)
  12. Thanks! That makes sense, I know it is really ridiculous to be afraid of something weird like that happening, but I just don't want to chance it!
  13. General question: When I make my choice about where I want to go, should I accept and then wait until after I hear from the school again to decline my other offers? Or is it safe to accept and decline all at once? I am just afraid of something weird happening, like I accept a program and they are full or something (which I don't think will happen, but I'm just wondering here) and that I have declined all my other offers. Any advice would be helpful, I'm planning on making my decision this week...
  14. This website is so great, all of you have helped me feel so much more confident in my decision. Now all I have to do is stand up to my PI and tell him that I don't care that he thinks Columbia is better, I want to go to WashU!
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