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  1. Senior undergrad, no award. VG/G, VG/G, E/E (didn't get any help with the application) I was told I should have talked about the 'broader impact of [my] participation as a women in science and as a potential mentor of students from diverse and non-traditional backgrounds'... which is a bit of a turn off :/ At least the other criticism was more constructive.
  2. This helps a lot. Hopefully they'll understand. Thanks velli, shamrock! I appreciate the advice from you guys.
  3. I had debated going for these reasons (and you suggested more good reasons too that I hadn't thought of!). But there are 3 main reasons why I would like to cancel: I've missed so much class already, I've been traveling for 6 weeks straight, and I don't want to waste any more of their money/time when I know I'm not going. I would love to go visit and network, but I'm honestly tired of traveling and school is kicking my butt, so the less classed missed the better.
  4. Does anyone have advice on how to politely cancel a visitation visit? I guess about a month ago I made plans to visit a school that accepted me (no interview), but I feel kind of crappy canceling after they paid for the plane ticket already, which I don't think is refundable. However, it seems even ruder to go and waste their time when I know I almost certainly won't be going there :/
  5. Harvard MCO rejection. Not super surprised, but not super disappointed either.
  6. Yup. I'm still in undergrad. I'm managing to survive, but it's really taken a toll, and I'm definitely not in a happy state. I can do the work in advance, that's no problem, but it's not the work... In the beginning of the semester, I had a lot of problems figuring out my schedule. One class (not needed for graduation) straight-up told me to drop because they'd fail me and wouldn't work with me. My major professors were understanding, but missing classes sucks. I miss notes and key concepts and have to do more self-study, then on quizzes/exams I miss a couple points I might not have if I ha
  7. Don't let it get you too down :/ I know the process sucks sometimes. You'll make it through.
  8. I think everyone who interviewed got those emails? Obviously not sure, but that's my suspicion. Good luck tomorrow
  9. Congrats Berba when is your Cornell interview?
  10. I have a friend who applied to medical school, but when she didn't get in, she applied to get a PhD in biochemistry and was admitted. Mind you, this was in the same application cycle, and to be honest she got extremely lucky in being accepted and coming to the realization that research was better for her in terms of her own ability and interests. But as others were saying, normally they are considered different paths that diverge way before when you begin to apply.
  11. Just got the rejection too from MIT. Can't say I'm too upset though Sorry for your rejection :/
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