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  1. LOL ^ I can relate to this. I kept whining about which program I should choose and everyone I talked to were like "it seems PRETTY obvious which one you're leaning more heavily towards, what's the hesitation?" They just don't understanddddddd P.S. Congrats on committing!!!
  2. Oops! Sorry I was unclear, yeah, I was talking about interview invites :x
  3. Hello!! Congrats on Emory Hope to see you in the fall! As for your concerns, you are right, since the molecular and systems pharmacology program is actually under Emory's umbrella program, you can rotate with any of the faculty associated with GDBBS (so if you're interested in a lab in cancer bio or neuroscience, for example, you can still rotate with them and even do your thesis in those labs outside of MSP)
  4. I did end up liking multiple programs, and across the board, they all had very similar pros - good funding, interesting research, smart people, interesting cities and things to do outside of lab, livable stipend, etc. But I think what ended up doing it for me were the people and the personalities I could see myself with over 5-7 years as well as personalities I knew I wanted to be surrounded with (the students at each place were pretty different!) I think I also kept in mind what kind of prospects I wanted for job choices after PhD as well, and the projects and research done at one would clear
  5. I had an interview after I had already accepted to attend Emory, and I accepted in spite of this mostly because the school I was interviewing with after wasn't that highly ranked for me compared to Emory. I also clicked with the students as well as fellow interviewees really well at Emory, COL was going to be much lower in comparison, and funding is guaranteed. A grad student in the lab I worked in during undergrad gave me really good advice when it comes to choosing schools: that science is science wherever you go, and you can do good science wherever (slightly exaggerated, especially if
  6. I think I read somewhere that NYU made all decisions by Feb 15 for that program :\ I heard back from them before that
  7. Yes! Which is why after I got my final acceptance, I've decided to commit to Emory If anyone's attending Emory this fall, shoot me a message!
  8. ^ I'm of the same opinion as kimmibeans :\, but if anyone knows differently, feel free to correct me
  9. For anyone waiting to hear back from Scripps, I just emailed and I got kind of a vague email back.. not sure what it's supposed to mean (for context, I asked specifically if all interview invites have been sent out): Dear X, Thank you for your interest in the graduate program at The Scripps Research Institute. Students selected to visit Scripps for interviews will be contacted via email before the interview dates scheduled for each campus. The process is currently underway and will continue until approximately the first week of March. All notifications will be made by April 15.
  10. Congrats!! Told you not to worry Have fun at the interview!!
  11. I was going to say that since I lived in Boston my entire life (until now), snow days only happen when there's a good 3 feet of snow -__- classes weren't cancelled during that massive blizzard we had a few years back
  12. Thank you good luck with your interviews!
  13. I heard back after 3 business days (as did other applicants that I kept in touch with). I've heard it can take up to months, though
  14. I did it and I got a really positive response from the people who interviewed me. One even sent me a really long personal email after I was accepted to give more info on the program and specific department he's in. I think as long as it's just a thank you email and not really a email trying to subtley find out if you got accepted or something, it should be fine. I opted out of the optional bar thing with current students. When they say optional, it's really optional, I think they realize not everyone likes drinking or are allergic or feel uncomfortable. You have other opportunities to ge
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