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  1. I would also recommend acquiring a copy of the ACS exam study guides for organic and physical chemistry. We had to take them before our first year in grad school. I remember that they would have been extremely helpful for the chem GRE. It is a different exam, but the summaries of each section are very succinct and perfect for preparing for a standardized exam.
  2. So you're funded for 5 years... you'll get into at least one of the schools on your list (probably multiple) based on that alone. Look at it from their perspective, there's very little risk in accepting you at this point so they probably will. You've got a strong application
  3. I'm in Rains for the summer quarter, but still unassigned for the first round of the lottery for the autumn
  4. Hi guys, although I won't be attending Purdue for graduate studies, I actually grew up in there area (since the late 90's) and am currently wrapping up my undergrad . I'd be happy to answer questions if you guys want.
  5. I recently found out that if your university ID isn't on the letter of admission (mine wasn't) you might need to email your department's coordinator. You'll need it for when you respond to the offer of admission regardless of whether you accept or decline. The account set up took a little more than a day for me.
  6. With regards to housing, all the alums I've talked to said they spent their entire time in graduate housing, and recommended that I do so for at least the first year as Palo Alto is ridiculously expensive. Kind of the opposite of what you usually see here in the Midwest.
  7. Wow that it a tough choice. I've got it down to 4 schools, but am leaning towards here before the visits.
  8. I don't think anyone's started this thread... anyway I'm pretty sure I'm going to be attending Stanford this fall offer of admission in Chemistry Ph.D.
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