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  1. Hey WordlTraveler, I actually emailed admissions with this specific question. They said: "Everything at this point is electronic so we won’t be sending out any hard copies. The admitted student guide (found online) is where you can go for updates. You should have also registered for Axess, the student portal where you will find a to do list specific for you If you have any)." Hopefully, if you have a scholarship related reason that you need a hard copy for, you could specifically request a hard copy? Else, maybe you can print out hard copies from online.
  2. I have a email buddy for HGSE, but one thing I have noticed is that it has been much harder for me to get in touch with somebody from Stanford to speak with. Since we found out about HGSE, I have gotten a chance to speak with 2 current students and 1 alum. I have reached out to 2 Stanford alum but have heard nothing back. In that sense, it seems from this extremely limited anecdotal experience that HGSE students seem slightly more helpful and more enthusiastic to talk about Harvard. May I ask how you got to in touch with the Stanford student? Thanks MAC for sharing your thoughts as well
  3. Thanks for sharing, that's very helpful. So it sounds like you have picked HGSE, then? Just to clarify on the name recognition in Asia point, did you mean that 7 out of 10 people have heard of Stanford yet it is obvious to them that they would pick Harvard, when only considering the name? If you can find faculty and resources specific to your area of interest, then it makes a lot of sense that you choose that school!
  4. Hi friends, I am having some difficulty making the decision between Stanford's ICE (International Comparative Education) program and Harvard's HDP (Human Development and Psychology) program. If anybody is faced with a similar decision or can speak to any of the below points as a current /past student, I would greatly appreciate your input! Below are the various factors that I'm thinking through. Please clarify or correct any misconceptions! · Nature of Program - Obviously, HDP and ICE are very different programs. I am interested in studying moral/emotional development within i
  5. That makes sense. Thank you for clarifying, guys .
  6. Hoping, Thanks for sharing your experiences, and I'm glad to hear you're doing well. I'm currently deciding between Stanford (ICE) and HGSE (HDP) as well, and it is a tough decision. Your insights have surely helped. However, not to pick a fight here (I really have no intention), but what did you mean by "Worst case scenario, you can always teach in Asia "? I may have been wrong in my interpretation, but I couldn't help being bothered by this statement, as it seems slightly callous and generalizing to me. Why is this the "worst case scenario?" It is many people's, especially those wi
  7. Hey! Are you a troll? Just wondering...
  8. Why? Can you substantiate this please?
  9. Just to clarify, if we didn't receive any information on scholarship in our acceptance letter, that means there is none offered? And there is no travel stipend or housing for the Admit Open House, is that correct? Thank you!
  10. Dude thanks! I felt bad asking such a practical question amidst all this excitement!
  11. Is anyone else having trouble logging in to the prematriculation website ?
  12. erms so i still haven't been able to log in to the system....when is admit day!? argh
  13. also accepted , thankful, congrats all. Now, decisions time.........!
  14. Hmmm, so this is interesting (attempts to divert conversation from this compulsive refreshing, which can't be good for anybody ). What do we think is driving the disproportionate amount of viewers at this critical time of decisions release (OR SO WE THOUGHT...) on this HGSE thread, versus any other ed schools at admissions release time? I mean, "because it's Harvard" would be a gross simplification, since IMHO i don't think other schools fall far below, if at all, in terms of reputation or program quality. Any takers (just for conversation's sake...)?
  15. Haha I wonder how many of those actually applied / have vested interests, or if this is just amusing to watch...
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