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  1. I am an undergrad at OSU, who did you apply to work with?
  2. I believe PSU sent most of their decisions in February... are you talking about Ohio State or Oregon State?
  3. Any updates from Mines? Tried to reach out to them by email and phone , but no reply...
  4. Just called Mines, and they said they are still reviewing, it's already April, I'm losing it!
  5. @cavalior7005 The irony, just got notified about a rejection from UT, only mines is left,,,, anybody?
  6. Does anyone think that if you did not hear an update by now if it is a rejection, still in review or waitlist? And if someone has any updates with UT Austin or Colorado school of mines?
  7. UT and Colorado mines said that they will continue to review applications until the end of March. I am getting nervous about not hearing til now. Does anyone have additional information?
  8. Heard a rejection from Stanford, Did anyone hear from UT Austin or Colorado mines?
  9. Hi, Did anyone hear back from Stanford, Colorado mines, Ut Austin geophysics programs?
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