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  1. Try if you have the time and funding to support you. For me, I worked with the potential supervisor for one semester, and during this period, I was involved in the lab meeting, manuscript writing, data analysis. It gave me a better understanding of her mentorship style (which is super important for 4-6 years PhD), lab air and living environment at that town. No matter you are accepted or not, you will have a greater exposure which helps you view things differently. Go for it!
  2. Hey! I talked about that with a professor and several PhDs before. Because the professor and I have very close research interest and we had a great time working together. I was about to retake the GRE (V153, Q160) before December. She assured me that it was enough and we can concentrate on pubs. I cannot exclude the possibility that they may have lower standards for international students and non-clinical programs. But I do suggest you to approach potential supervisors. To communicate your interests in their labs (maybe you have already worked in their labs! Talk to the most relevant person! )
  3. Yes, invites sent out. And this is for Evanston campus.
  4. An update on Northwestern (personal email from POI): We have completed our initial review of applicants and the committee made selections for on-campus interviews. At this time, you are#1 on my waiting list; I anticipate I will have more information for you in the new year, so we will keep in touch on that topic, ok? No matter the outcome for this year, I hope we can pursue the analyses and papers, which are of interest to us both and will certainly strengthen your position as an incoming PhD student (this cycle or next!) Questions here! 1) why are people shortlisted? And
  5. Hi Sophie, Don't worry! As I know (I checked that before), as long as you submit your application on time, other supplementary materials (e.g., official score reports, recommendation letters) could arrive a bit late and that will not affect your application status! I assure you that's not auto-rejection.
  6. Wow, that's a lot! Thanks for sharing! Good luck!
  7. This is for Northwestern Department of Psychology all PhD programs. If that one is listed under this department, then I would say yes.
  8. I made it! Thanks a bunch! That's very nice of you! Good luck to your applications! XD
  9. Update about Northwestern: " The applications are in the first round of reviews. Emails should be sent out later this week inviting candidates to an interview next year. " (Hoather, 2018)
  10. Hi guys. Newcomer here. Here are the programs and PI initials I applied and also my personal experiences. Wish to gain some useful advice here! I am expecting to know someone who applied the same program or same school!! Applied: Minnesota (PIB, MS), Northwestern (PD&H,OR), UCSC (Developmental, MZ) Visited: Northwestern (as full-time RA) Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: Stats: 3.65 overall GPA | 3.91 Psychology GPA | 153V, 3.0AW |1 paper, 2 conferences (1 oral presentation) | 3 years research experience Research Interests: identity development among a
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