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  1. If the person who is admitted into UCR's cognitive psychology program ( Jan 3 from the results page) sees this, could you share me the initial of your POI? Thanks!
  2. I applied to there as well. Haven't heard anything from them either. I'm not sure if your POI is supposed to have an informal interview before you move on to the next step (official interviews) because a lot of schools are like this based on what I've seen in the forums, but it's weird that no one has mentioned receiving interview offers from UCI thus far. It could be (and I hope) that they may just send interview invites some time later via their department.
  3. I'm definitely with you. I was going to send a email after the holiday season, but the rational side of myself was telling me even that would be a bit early. I guess it's just that seeing other people receiving interview offers, while I'm not hearing back from schools I applied to makes me paranoid. The good news (I presume) is that I didn't see anyone posted interview offers from the schools on my list, so it is possible that things are slower for them. Anyways, thanks for your advice! Hope things come out well for both of us. Happy holidays!
  4. Hi everyone, Has anyone heard from UCR yet? My situation is a little tricky: I had an informal Skype interview with a faculty at UCR, visited his research lab, and did a presentation in his lab meeting. All of these happened before the application deadline. The school admission said that faculty will interview applicants whom they want to work with via Skype/phone after viewing their application (they don't have in-person interviews.) So, I'm not sure things that happened before their application deadline mean anything... Though he did somehow indicate his willingness to accept me d
  5. Anyone heard back from UCI yet? Someone in this post said that UCLA has already sent out their interview invitations, I wonder what's going on with other UCs...
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