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  1. and yes! schools I've applied to might also help with narrowing my options down..!
  2. Thank you guys!! These are all so much helpful answers!! I'll look into each department and see their job placement records.
  3. My research field is Chinese history, but I am also interested in interdisciplinary approaches to cultural history. So far I have applied to and am waiting on history PhD programs with a strong interdisciplinary base, as well as East Asian studies (EALC/EALAC) programs. My previous training (undergrad, masters) was in history, and my supervisor assured me that I would still be able to be hired as a historian even if I'd graduate with an EALC degree (because I majored in history during my undergraduate and MA studies). While I am very attracted to EALC programs, which would allow me to incorporate literature & film studies in my own research (that's what I want to do), I am at the same time worried that it would make me less competitive in job market if I'd not have a doctoral degree in history. I hope I will be able to apply to EALC and history academic jobs after finishing my PhD. My question is, would having a doctoral degree in EALC or history make much difference in this case?
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