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  1. I was working on my undergraduate thesis under the advice of a successful and well-regarded physics professor in Colombia, whose main area of expertise was computational biophysics. I was really excited about working with her because she was the best person I could possibly be working with at that specific moment of my life. One day, in a symposium she organized, a co-advisor of my thesis presented my work with clearly very poor understanding on the subject. The situation made me feel terrible, it made me feel totally underestimated and looked down on. However, the co-advisor did give me credit for my work, but the presentation was so terrible, I felt like my work was worth nothing and that I was just wasting my time. I tried to contain myself but eventually emailed my two thesis advisors and left them know how I felt about the whole situation. I was as polite as possible. Nevertheless, they both took it personal and felt deeply offended. The well-regarded physics professor literally told me that my work was not contributing to the field in any way, and that she should probably just invest her time on her graduate students because that would be more productive for her, and that her graduate students were working on projects that would surely get published in very good international journals. Thankfully, I was about done with my thesis when this happened. I thanked my advisors for their time and quit my voluntary position in the physics professor lab. I finished writing my thesis, submitted it, got a honorific mention (I remember that only 4 out of 94 graduates that year got one of those), continued my work with a low profile professor in my university and then got a prestigious research prize that allowed me to travel to an international conference where I was given the chance to present my work, where I actually did include my thesis co-advisors as coauthors. The research prize also allowed me to apply to graduate school (the prize was a lot of money) and travel to the interview weekends I was invited to (I'm talking about international travels). Eventually, I got accepted at a top program in my field in the US 🙂
  2. This seems to be for the School of Medicine, which is not the same as the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences 😞 I guess I'll have to wait to July to meet my future comrades! Thanks for the info anyways!
  3. Hello everybody, It seems like the chances that other Mayo Clinic acceptees use this site are pretty low, but I thought I'd give it a try while I can't contain my excitement. I was recently accepted for the Ph.D. Program (Virology and Gene Therapy) at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. I know that for my track there were 18 interviewees but only 3 spots. Since there were 3 interview weekends, it's possible that I didn't even get a chance to meet the other acceptees! The official welcome and orientation day is July 1! Are there any other acceptees over here (from any track)?
  4. I can only talk for Virology, they sent their acceptances on Monday last week. I also know that for BMEP the Admissions Committee was having a meeting on Tuesday last week. I think most tracks' Admissions Committees met last week to rank their applicants and send their offers of admission.
  5. Wait what? This can happen? How did you not get a visa after securing admission? Did the embassy tell you why they rejected your visa? ?
  6. Hey there! I did contact them again and received this email from them on 1/3/2019: "Thank you for contacting the BBSP at UNC Chapel Hill. We have sent out all of our initial invites for interviews at UNC. We do have a waiting list and the offers to those on this list should go out by mid-January. If you have not heard from us by mid-January it is likely that you will not receive an interview offer for the 2019-2020 school year. Thank you for your interest in the BBSP at UNC Chapel Hill. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns." I submitted my application one day before the priority deadline (11/26/2018). Honestly, I don't think they will contact me and I was probably rejected already. I think the process was a bit unfair since my application was only complete to be reviewed on 12/14/2018 because of the slowest TOEFL score matching process ever. Seriously, every other place I applied to matched my scores in 5 days max. By the time my application was ready to be reviewed, UNC had already sent many interview invites. As an international applicant, I personally see this as a red flag. Other places replied promptly to my every concern as an international applicant. To all of them, I manifested my interest and availability to attend in-person interviews in case I qualified for admission visits. Mayo sent me an interview invite on 12/13/2018...before my UNC application was even ready to be reviewed! So yeah, definitely a red flag. I honestly wouldn't wanna be part of a place that puts international students in disadvantage for things that are out of our control. Best of luck!
  7. @TGCA thank you! I PMed you with my old account (ViralCapsidGuy), giving you the display name of my new account.
  8. I need help with this too! I created this account via my Facebook, and even though I don't have my real name displayed here, if I do a search on Google with my name + "thegradcafe" my profile "ViralCapsidGuy" comes up...which, of course, I do not want!
  9. Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences: 02/07 - 02/10
  10. OMG LOL this made me laugh so much. Btw I think I need help I'm just going through this entire page while I wait for news on my applications...
  11. 2 out of the 4 programs I applied to in the US don't require GRE
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