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  1. Just emailed UPenn Immunology, all interview invitations had been sent out . : ( Good luck everyone.
  2. is this year particularly slow? or I am screwed.... ☹️
  3. BU: still reviewing application Northwestern:interview list is at capacity. not likely anymore coming out.
  4. got rejections from Duke IMM and Columbia's CMBS - microbiology and immunology... Does anyone know if Northwestern DGP finished sending out invitations?
  5. I was expecting this, but still, it is horrified to learn about it again. I am also an international applicant without much background in immunology.
  6. Dear All, Can we summarize some immunology programs profiles/results under this topic? I am transitioning from biochemistry to immunology, and I knew it is a very hard and competitive field. I applied to 12 programs; 8 of them are for immunology, or immunology track under a comprehensive program. I have 2 interviews from umbrella programs, but have not heard any news from IMM programs I applied for. There are information under the results session, but I want to involve in some discussion about this specific subject Thanks.
  7. I got one interviews from Van Andel and Mt Sinai
  8. Thanks, and as I was too paranoid and searching for programs at 3AM, I finally got my first interview today!!! But, BCM seems a great program and I will do the research.
  9. international / Chinese, Female, Undergraduate in the US, Applying to immunology programs or umbrella programs - supposed to be tough. Now, on Dec 12, I feel desperate to add some mid-tier or "safe" immunology programs. I am thinking about SUNY. Does anyone have suggestions for IMM / umbrella programs that have not been due?
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