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  1. For those who are still waiting, I was just offered an award off the alternate list at UBC yesterday. So things are still moving along there.
  2. Cats are all different. While, they're generally more low maintenance than dogs, the amount of attention they need/want is not really generalizable. My current cat requires more attention than any other I've had or known. I usually pop home to check on her midday because she will want some affection and a fresh snack. When I get home she comes running to the door mewing. She's very people-oriented and bonded really closely to me, but is equally happy if I get a friend or my bf to check on her once in a while. My old cat I could leave with food, water, and I'd have to go looking for her fairly
  3. Congrats on your acceptances! Hopefully we hear from U of T soon!
  4. I still have "Under Review." Not planning to accept if I am accepted, but it's sort of crazymaking anyways. The fact that some people have been rejected and accepted (according to the results page) makes me think I'm in waitlist or rejection limbo.
  5. Can't speak to Calgary's program, but I'm from Alberta (Edmonton). I have spent a lot of time in Calgary and have a close family member that teaches at UofC (though not in planning), so if you have questions about the city feel free to ask me! I don't know much about housing and stuff there, but I know restaurants, stores, things to do, etc.
  6. I applied to 2 because they were the only ones I really wanted to go to. My family paid my application fees so that was not a factor, though I doubt they would have paid for more than 5 schools. Immediately after the applications closed, I regretted not applying to more schools and increasing my chances of an acceptance, but luckily, it worked out.
  7. Thank you! Honestly, not a lot of actual planning experience. I'm fairly shocked I was accepted. I have a competitive GPA (3.8 in the last 2 years) with an equally strong GPA in my major; I'm in an honours anthropology program and my thesis, which I wrote about for my statement of intent, is focused on food access and the built environment; I had three strong references who know me very well; and I did volunteer departmentally on an Indigenous remains repatriation project, on a graduate thesis about infant and child human remains and crime prosecution, and as a honours undergraduate department
  8. I was accepted into UBC today! Still nothing from U of T, but UBC was my first choice.
  9. I just registered here to post in this thread! I applied to UBC and UofT and have yet to hear back from either. I kind of wish I applied to one or two other schools. My U of T application says "under review", but I'm assuming everyone's does.
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