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  1. I think Prof. Weijie Su who is an AP in Wharton in UPenn has started to do research in the area of fundamental of deep learning and published some papers on conference like Neurips. I think you should check him in case you are interested in his work.
  2. I looked through the website of Department of Statistics in UBC and found that some very strong guys have joined who may focus more on machine learning. I think you are probably right to get into a department with people whose interests are diverse if you are not so stick to Casual inference.
  3. Thanks so much! What level UCL you think should be in? Match or Safe?
  4. Thanks for comment! Yeah, I am the first author for all three papers. The reason I think my letters are very strong is that the supervisor in UCL as well as the paper collaborator has told me that he would really love to take me as his PhD student if I want to apply for UCL. The other two LORs I think will be strong is because these two professors have already written me a letter when I apply for REU at MPI this summer. The faculty in MPI read the letters and give me very positive feedback. Which safety schools you recommend which have professors working on theore
  5. Thanks bayessays! I just make a list. Could you guys help to comment on them? Thanks so much. Reach: Stanford(stat) MIT(machine learning) CMU(machine learning and stat) UCB(stat) Princeton(ORFE) U of Chicago(stat) Upenn(Wharton) NWU(stat) Match: PSU(stat) Michigan(stat) UNC(stat) Minnesota(stat) Safe: TAMU OSU UIUC I want to add some safe schools, what do you suggest? Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the encouragement! Although it is very very unlikely for me to be admitted to Stanford, I will try my luck.
  7. BTW: my main research interest is about computational statistics and theoretical machine learning.
  8. Hi everyone! I want to apply statistics PhD program for 2021 fall. I am posting this to want to know where I can roughly aim for. Undergrad institution: One of the best schools in China Exchange institution: one of G5 in UK Major: Statistics GPA: 3.7 Major GPA: 3.83 Background: International Asian male Relevant math courses: Calculus 1-3, Mathematical Analysis , Linear algebra 1-2, Probability, Mathematical statistics , Numerical analysis, Real analysis(measure theory), Complex Analysis, Functional analysis, Stochastic Pr
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