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  1. I'm taking the path as suggested by cyberwulf, and now doing a masters in Canada at one of the top 4. My two cents on why below, you may find it helpful: I also had a single NSERC RA, and similar grades from a decent but not top 4 in Canada. I got into all of the Masters programs you listed early in the admissions cycle, and was competitive for the CGS scholarship at each so I think you will be fine getting into those. I didn't send any applications to PhD's since I thought even if I had a chance, I could only increase that chance by doing the Master's first. I don't see the two years as
  2. Haven't received an award yet but when I asked they said I would be allowed to keep all my funding sources (TA/RA) if I wished. This is under a faculty of science.
  3. I just wanted to say that ARWU is an explicit formula based on publications (although 'top' journals are determined by survey) so I think Waterloo's size plays a factor there. Slightly biased because I just picked UBC over McGill and Waterloo for a masters, but I vote UBC for reasons already mentioned here unless you have a particular advisor in mind at McGill.
  4. Alternate at UBC for NSERC where I've already accepted my offer. Should I ask for my ranking?
  5. Good luck everybody 😃
  6. I can confirm I received an e-mail with April 15th at 8:00 AM eastern time as the new release time from NSERC.
  7. Minnesota should be very strong in high dimensional stats. Prof. Hui Zou goes without saying but I have also seen plenty of influential papers by Prof. Y. Yang from the same department. I think it's also the highest ranked of the US universities there on USNews.
  8. Declined an admissions offer so I was deemed ineligible, this was on March 30th. Sorry for the confusion. I received the same email as you on the 1st of April.
  9. What do you mean your status was updated? I've had one update (ineligible) since I declined an offer, and another "update" where the date/time changed but the application still says received by administrator.
  10. I decided against doing this today, since I couldn't convince myself that there was a reason beyond emotional labour and sheer boredom that I really needed to know by April 1st. That being said I still might do it sometime between now and the 15th.
  11. I received the same e-mail. Funny enough I also just received an email saying the status of my application has changed. I went to check and the updated time has changed, but the status has not.
  12. Thanks for the response! This is a kind evaluation - I definitely thought I was lacking in math background compared to others on here, and maybe needed a more well-known undergrad program to crack top 10.
  13. Hi all, I just posted this in the results thread. I'm pursuing a masters to strengthen my eventual PhD application, but I've always been curious where I could have ended up if I applied straight to US PhD's this cycle. Assuming a decent GRE score, what range do you all think I would've had a chance at? I suppose I would be considered international if applying to the US?
  14. Long-time lurker here. Don't usually have much to add to the discussion about PhD programs, I am applying only to Canadian masters programs. Undergrad Institution: Regionally prominent Canadian school (not Toronto, UBC, McGill or Waterloo) Major(s): Statistics GPA: 3.97 converted Type of Student: Domestic (Canadian) GRE General Test: Did not take Programs Applying: Masters in Statistics Research Experience: One USRA (aka. Canadian REU) working on computational statistics at home institution. One 2nd author paper in one of the big ML conferences. Awards/
  15. Firstly yes I believe they are taking international applicants now. I think they always took international applicants, but because the program used to be funded, there was likely a very limited number of international enrollments. I don't think it is a good program for your purposes. It offers no research opportunities, aside from a small project. Almost every masters programs in Canada give the option of doing a thesis over 2 years. If you choose to come to Canada, you will find that these 2 year programs can be very rewarding, and often your tuition will be covered. Canadian programs s
  16. Hey @the97kid and @movingtostats, just wanted to let you two know that U of Toronto made a drastic shift in their MS program this admissions cycle. Many international applicants at my bachelors program (in Canada) were accepted, but there is a catch. The program is now entirely self-funded. I actually recall looking at the application page late last year and seeing that MS students were financially supported (but I have no proof... maybe my memory is bad), but now if you look it explicitly states that the MS is self funded. Maybe something to think about if you can afford it? Regardless, it is
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