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  1. thanks! I can see you are also accepted in three programs, so congratulations!. for me, it is 2/6 up to now...waiting for my dream program...fingers crossed
  2. thanks for the reply. actually the email was followed by my admission letter in a few days then. personally, I don't think every applicant necessarily receives such email. there have been schools I applied to last year from which I didn't receive the open house invitations and I was rejected finally.
  3. hey guys! I just received an email inviting me to an open house event. the question is "do all applicants typically receive such email?"
  4. Ms. V


    thanks for the reply but my question is not on "how" the CV should be arranged (the form). I'm actually looking for a website which makes a professional framework for the CV file (the CV is already written)
  5. Ms. V


    There are thousands of websites for making a CV. any recommended one?
  6. there is a war in the Middle east and one cannot just claim there is none on the basis that she/he hasn't heard about! you're absolutely right; no single university gets "rich" through such fundraising! yet potential POI s like you with such valuable standpoint can be mostly found among younger faculty members who are still passionate about out branching and enriching knowledge by discovering and investing in rare talents. but honestly, doesn't this "pool" of applicants provide the university with quite a "fortune" while only a few are chosen? the point is, some mentors already know that there
  7. well, being rather conservative, I have chosen different topics for each program although one of the MA mentors I contacted thought I was referring to PhD supervision, as the MA subject is also having an eye on interdisciplinary nature! I've seen some applicants who applied for PhD but the committee suggested MA admission instead which might be also applicable to your case too. maybe it is not a bad idea to explain in your SOP for the very PhD that you are flexible enough to get admitted to MA as well and that's why you have applied into both to secure your room! let's wait for others to join
  8. seems we're in the same boat. I already hold MA in English lit and I'm applying to phd in interdisciplinary humanities. yet to boost the chances, I'm thinking of applying to another MA, this time in comparative lit and art in the same university. my situation is that both of the programs are interconnected in sharing almost 80% of faculty members. I personally don't think such a situation would make the adcomm look down on your applications but quite the reverse can be also the case; it is more likely for them to end up thinking that you are so passionate and determined in pursuing your post-
  9. so one should be so! grateful when they bother replying! but sometimes it SEEMS to be part of their job description, sending a template email regarding the program description, facilities and their own websites (if there have any). don't wanna be a cynic, there is a saying, though, about such honey-coated (and also honey-quoted!!) emails...don't get over excited by such emails as they are aimed at gathering more and more money via application fee payments!
  10. well my MA is in English lit with a thesis on comparative subject (visual-cyber art and lit, literary adaptation theories). yet, given that I haven't done much philosophy before, my current statement engages visual adaptations/video games and philosophy. the interdisciplinary frame is not new to my background if philosophical approaches are! however, I'm thinking of applying to both MA and phd (for each of which I have separate SOPs)...let's keep the fingers crossed I donno anything about your background but maybe it's better that you write your statement and try to convince your POI to provi
  11. what do you mean by "doing some philosophy"? does it mean that if one's statement engages philosophy (interdisciplinary and comparative in my case), it should be elaborating the sophisticated concepts in detail? MY question is how the SOP should be addressing each book and philosopher consulted if it is a sort of eclectic survey?
  12. so don't bother your brain raising such philosophical questions if you have already the targets' replies. you're gonna need your brain for other stuff, trust me good luck!
  13. actually it was Canadian universities directing me to the heads and directors!! the professor would not let the heads down (hopefully), should you be successful at winning the heads' approval already
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