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  1. School: University of TorontoProgram: Experimental Psychology (Social psych stream)Date of Notification: 2/3/17Method of Notification: Email from PIThoughts: Feeling so excited and so lucky! I had a change of heart during this application season because I applied to several clinical psychology programs and only this one experimental program. After thinking about it for the past few months, I realized clinical psych wasn't for me and my heart was suddenly set on social psychology. Very glad I realized before potentially starting a clinical program! Congratulations to everyone o
  2. For SCCP (and UofT/OISE) in general, don't pay attention to your application status on the SGS website because it doesn't mean anything. It never gets updated after being "under review". I know people in the program who still have application statuses that say "under review". I was also recently accepted to a UofT program and my application status never changed. So don't lose hope based on that. It's still a bit early for SCCP, they should probably start contacting people soon (I anticipate within the next week-two weeks), though it could differ for each POI.
  3. I received an invite to York's open house this morning from my POI for the Clinical Developmental Psych program. It could be possible that not all POI's are sending invites today so don't lose hope!!
  4. I think it's gonna be a great two days as well, despite the nerves! and yeah at this point it's good news for us that we're at this stage but I still get so nervous and always think the worst LOL. Best of luck tomorrow and Friday! Maybe we'll run into each other at some point
  5. LOL I feel like we have most definitely crossed paths at some point then... I'm actually meeting with 8 different people! So nervous One is my POI and two are her grad students. The other 5 are different profs - I know one of them pretty well but I'm still nervous for those meetings and the fact that we get no breaks!
  6. No way - I wonder if we've had classes together! Did you graduate in 2016? Sounds like it's not my current lab then. Although it sounds like my boss could be one of your interviewers since some of our work is about learning/goal states.
  7. That sounds awesome! There's so many great faculty at UofT. I did my undergrad here and currently work in a lab here as well so I'm biased, but I still think it's pretty great! Your interests actually kind of sound like what my current lab does.. haha! Wonder if it's the same lab.
  8. @B_Allen I applied to the social/personality stream with an emphasis on stereotyping and discrimination research. I take it you applied to the perception/cognition stream?
  9. I heard from one prof that she makes a short list of people to interview in December, but I know other programs like OISE traditionally take a lot longer, more like February before you hear anything
  10. Was waiting for this thread to appear. We're in the final stretch of applications now, good luck everyone!!
  11. This happened to me with a professor I emailed back in October. He asked for my transcript and CV and I sent the materials the following day and never heard back. I'm not sure what the reason could be for this, but it also made me pretty anxious/upset. I ended up deciding not to apply to that program for other reasons. It is pretty odd that they even asked for your SOP though, especially considering it would be difficult to have that completely polished over a month before the application deadline. You could possibly send another email asking if they could confirm they received your mater
  12. I used the Princeton book and although I haven't gotten my scores back yet (I just took the exam on Saturday), I don't think I'd recommend it. There were quite a few typos in the book and I thought it could have been organized better. I also agree with the above poster that the Princeton book is pretty bare-bones, so it's definitely not a thorough review. I used it mainly to review topics I wasn't as familiar with and supplemented that with my psych100 textbook as well as some basic google searches. The physiological/bio portion of the exam was more detailed than I expected, and definitely
  13. Contacting the head of the program is definitely a good idea, not sure why I didn't think of that before! Especially when lab websites can be so out of date that they say "Dr. so and so is accepting grad students for Fall 2014" haha! I'm just thankful the profs from all of my top choices have replied.
  14. This is exactly what I think! To me, it just says that they might be hard to communicate with if you ended up working with them which would be pretty brutal for a program that's 6+ years long.
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