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  1. does anyone know when UC santa barbara Dynamical Neuroscience program begins sending out interview invites?
  2. has anyone heard from Stanford Psychology yet? Also does anyone know when they begin sending out invites for interviews?
  3. Can confirm that UChicago invites are being sent out, I just got mine for Computational Neuroscience
  4. did everyone just get an email from MIT saying that they're still processing applications and that they will continue reviewing applicants up until end of january?
  5. Has anyone heard from UChicago's Computational Neuroscience program yet?
  6. Does anybody know or have personal experience with the computational cognitive science phd program at Johns Hopkins? it looks great on paper but i was just wondering if anyone had more information to share about it.
  7. dont tease me like this research portal...dont tease me bro!
  8. guys i have a quick question, so i attended the university recruitment event and i interviewed with 5 professors, they all went well and it was good. today i got an email from my 1st rated poi, saying that he cant take me due to funding and time issues, however my application status on the school site still says under review i was wondering does this mean that other professors that i interviewed with are still considering me or am i unofficially rejected
  9. i applied to uoft psych, and i followed up with my poi a day ago, still havent heard from them but hopefully soon. Regardless i think its a fine idea to reply, kindly and ask for a response btw congratulations on your acceptances and I hope you're able to attend the program that is best for you!
  10. @PennyIsAHockeyFan they got unofficial offers from social psych, or from all streams? well here is hoping that we will get some good news still!
  11. @PennyIsAHockeyFan although i am in the cognition stream just fyi!
  12. @PennyIsAHockeyFan hey i also applied to UofT and attended the recruitment weekend as well! i havent heard back either, but i was told that it would take about 2 weeks after the event to hear back, so hopefully this week we will hear something, fingers crossed. GOOD LUCK TO US BOTH!
  13. thank you very much @summavanlaude you're in for a awesome few days, michigan is a top notch program! enjoy it my friend it will be great! P.S. I sure hope that UofT has some good news for me, its been a long ride but they are my top choice! I hope the same for you! let me know how it goes
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