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  1. Congratulations! How is the DSW different from a PhD?
  2. Simply do a search for social work faculty positions and compare them to other disciplines to get an idea. I just checked and there are indeed some tenure-track openings but not like a ton.
  3. Study for the GRE and aim for a high score, focus your research interests and identify professors whose interests match yours, and apply to schools with ideally three or more years of funding.
  4. If you are equally qualified as another similar applicant, the applicant with more statistics courses will be considered more favorably than you. There are plenty of statistics courses online. Is there any way you can strengthen your application?
  5. Wow, you really killed it this season! Congratulations!!
  6. Not necessarily. You may be on a waitlist. Nothing's final until you receive official word on your portal or via an email/letter.
  7. It's a prestigious scholarship and would help your application substantially. A GPA of 3.5 may or may not preclude you from getting accepted into "grad school": a variety of factors other than your GPA matter, too (e.g., program you're applying to, your publications, your LORs).
  8. It definitely varies by program! I've had one acceptance, one rejection, and I'm still waiting to hear from three schools...
  9. Bummer... I wonder if there's a way to fix this. You would obviously save the school some money if you didn't go through the MSW courses again, right? 😀
  10. Sounds like a good idea. Hope you won't have to do your MSW all over again...
  11. I'm sure it's not just a title; you actually will get both your MSW and PhD in a joint program. So, if you already have a MSW, you wouldn't be applying to such a program.
  12. Someone earlier mentioned an acceptance already...
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