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  1. Noegenesis

    How important are the GRE scores for PHD in City Planning Programs?

    The short answer is that we don't know. It "will" hurt your chances if someone on an admissions committee favors higher GRE scoring candidates, or if an institution uses some sort of cut-off mark simply because they don't have the time to go through every applicant. It won't hurt your chances, however, if the schools you are applying to heavily weight other factors such as your work experiences and undergraduate record. That said, since you've already applied, I wouldn't worry too much about your application at all. If, say, you do get rejected at any of those eight schools, you could ask them what made you a weaker candidate than those who were admitted or specifically ask about the GRE. Best of luck!
  2. Noegenesis

    Fall 2019 Phd Social Work /Welfare

    Congratulations!! What are your research interests? 😊😊
  3. Noegenesis

    Spring admissions: how eccentric is that?

    I've never applied for Spring admissions, and schools will definitely vary in their policies. Your best bet is to talk to the schools that you are interested in and ask them specifically about the admissions process during Spring. Good luck!
  4. Noegenesis

    too low gre, should I retake it?

    Retaking it will increase your chances. Definitely give it a try.
  5. I would wait until you receive an acceptance from this particular lab. Otherwise, it might sound like you've been accepted elsewhere, and you no longer consider their lab as your topic choice. On the other hand, if you're accepted to this lab and some other lab, informing them about your admits elsewhere may prompt them to offer you a more competitive package.
  6. Ryerson Univeresity is safe to apply based on your statistics.
  7. Noegenesis

    Personal Statement

    Better to start early! Before.
  8. Noegenesis

    Fall 2019 Phd Social Work /Welfare

    Congratulations!!! 🤣
  9. Noegenesis

    Fordham MSW personal statements

    I haven't applied to Fordham, but I applied to several others and was admitted. Some of the personal statements were similar to yours. I generally took a more academic approach to my essays.
  10. Noegenesis

    Fordham MSW personal statements

    Using sources is not necessary. If you choose to use sources, cite using the APA format. You can approach this essay with (1) a personal approach, drawing from personal experiences, (2) an academic perspective, offering a cogent analysis of the social issue, drawing upon research literature to support your argument, or (3) a mixture of both.
  11. I've looked into this, and in short, the answer is no. You can get a comparable master's education in the Canada/U.S. and then go for a fully-funded Ph.D. if you're still interested in studying at a "highly ranked" school, as you mentioned.
  12. Noegenesis

    Spring admissions: how eccentric is that?

    If the chances are so low, there certainly is more incentive to apply for Fall admissions, because the application process involves a lot of time and commitment, on your part and your recommenders, and having to go through this process twice, in the event that you fail the first time, is probably not the best use of your time. However, if you feel that you are the cream of the crop, in terms of your research experiences, publication record, and academic record, then sure, give it a shot.
  13. If you didn't know this person particularly well, then it is not an ideal candidate for a recommendation. However, if you must, you should try your best to remind your professor of being in his or her class and any assignments or projects that made you stand out. Finally, ask if your professor would be willing to write a positive LOR -- a generic letter, as the previous reply mentioned, would not be helpful.
  14. Endnotes don't count, typically.
  15. Noegenesis

    How often do students fail? (master's thesis)

    This probably answers your own question. If you want a more definitive answer, your best bet is still your advisor (a face to face meeting should give you some clues), other professors at your department, especially those who have supervised master's theses in the past, and your institution's guidelines for writing a master's thesis (either a general guideline not restricted to a specific department or requirements from similar disciplines, e.g., psychology, sociology).

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