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  1. limonchello

    for those that got in, what were your stats

    Just look at the results board https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=sociology
  2. limonchello

    Interviews/Acceptances/Rejections Fall 2019

    Reading through this to procrastinate while finishing up my first comprehensive/qualifying 3rd year exam. Sending good vibes to you all, as I remember this process particularly well. No matter what happens, you will all do amazing things and it's hard having your fate in others' hands. You've done all you can now! In addition, for some people the forum will make your stress and anxiety worse. It may be worth taking a break if you feel like it's adding to your craziness - blocksite is your friend.
  3. limonchello

    The long haul

    Can't give you more advice than to reassure you that you won't hear anything until late January at the earliest. I'm sure you'll do fine! A lot of people apply to 15 and something ends up working out. You will be nervous, anxious, and stressed from approx jan-april. You will likely be on some wait lists you're desperate to get off of, and that'll extend the pain. But overall, something will work. Something will come through, even if its not an acceptance. You'll be fine. This is a good place to empathize with others, as the normal public doesn't really get it. However, a lot of people find constantly checking the forums is worse for their mental health. You do you.
  4. limonchello

    Sociology Duel Degree?

    Terminal masters programs are actually quite common, just not at R1 schools.
  5. limonchello

    Tucson, AZ

    Hmm, I've lived here about a year and a half and crime isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Houses near campus are obviously going to be broken into more, especially around student breaks. My friend who has lived here since 2010 was just broken into but he lives literally across the street from the university. I like about 20 minutes away and honestly it's not a crime-ridden place at all.
  6. limonchello

    How are you deciding?

    on one of Lego Grad Student 's posts he writes something like ~ 'if you're having a hard time deciding, pick the place where the students seem the happiest. you don't want to suffer more than necessary over the next years of your life!'
  7. limonchello

    Internationally focused sociology programs

    I would say with that AWESOME profile you won't have any issues. A focus on international sociology should not in any way be a deterrent to entrance!
  8. limonchello

    UMass Amherst Ranking?

    I can't speak to the reputation, but it's actually #30 on graduate school rankings of sociology programs on US News. This is right outside of top tier, which is a very good program. Depends on your profile but for some people this wouldn't actually be a fall back but more of a middle of the road goal. Could even be a reach school! For comparison, I'm at Arizona, which is a top tier, but I was denied from University of Hawaii which didn't even make the rankings and UC Santa Cruz which is way down in the list. Obviously a lot goes into acceptances, but my already convoluted point is that it doesn't need to be a fallback because it's a very good school!
  9. limonchello

    Internationally focused sociology programs

    And final note, if you pay attention to the application results forum do note that most people apply to between 4-10 programs for a given academic year. Use your network and connect with some faculty you're wanting to study with before applying!
  10. limonchello

    Internationally focused sociology programs

    Just dropping a comment in the final question. In the USA, you have a faculty dissertation committee instead of 1 person. Therefore, if you have your primary supervisor who looks at European migration in a different methodological framework you can have someone on your committee who is very focused on the statistics element etc. however, I don't see there being the necessity for your primary supervisor to do the EXACT work that you're wanting to do - that would be boring and also mean that what you're wanting to look at may already have been done. Perhaps think about this more in terms of what comprehensive exams and focus areas the school has. If you're wanting to study let's guess race and immigration but the strengths of the department are in crim and health, then that may not be the right place for you. On a final note, do know that MANY doctoral studies end up studying something that departments don't have faculty or even classes on. The PhD programs gives you the tools to be able to be independent and find the resources you need. A lot of schools let a non-department faculty or even faculty from another university onto your committee. Collaborative work is strongly advised throughout all US programs so working with faculty outside of your particular university is definitely not uncommon. I did one year of a PhD in a European university and decided to leave for the American system, so i can share more about my specific experience if you'd like. Do know that for Fall 2018 application are due within the next month for US schools, very different than the may June deadline from Europe. Good luck! The schools you have chosen tend to accept like 3 students a year so be prepared to 90+ percentile scores on the GRE and have an impeccable application.
  11. limonchello

    Tucson, AZ

    Thanks so much, honestly. I've narrowed down my search to these final 5 that I'll fly down, visit and reserve one in June: Sandstone Winterhaven Casa Presidio Wasko Summerlin ill be moving with my spouse so I might decide to avoid sandstone as i imagine it's overrun with students.
  12. limonchello

    Is it time to Give Up Hope?

    If this is for Masters instead of Doctorate, then decisions can come out much later. I would however call the department, because you should know SOMETHING.
  13. limonchello

    Preparing for your first semester/graduate school

    This advice is honestly good and I had never thought of it. My reading list has gotten so long I just never make the time to read! I've decided to try to do 1 book a week until fall semester (17) which will get me in the habit of sitting and reading etc. I'm going to try to work in some nonfiction so that it will reflect more of what we'll be studying. Thanks!
  14. limonchello

    From top int'l affairs BS to top soc PhD?

    Though I won't be at Ivy League, your background seems more than enough to get you in to at least one of the top 20. Sometimes it's the luck of the draw and it is highly competitive, but I would say everyone who is applying will be similar to you. Work hard on the GRE scores to get between 160-165 and write stellar letters which fit with the departments interests (research interests meshing well may be more important than you realize!) and I would say you're golden. You've got international experience etc so you could potentially propose a really interesting research question in your letter and get them really interested in you. Best of luck!
  15. limonchello

    Phd without funding?

    You can try and defer a year if they allow that, and apply for extrenal PhD funding and hope it comes through for next year I suppose.

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