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  1. Nashville, TN

    Does anyone have any suggestions of specific apartment complexes they've lived in or know of that are walking distance to Vanderbilt and safe enough to walk alone to at night? Conversely, are there any areas close to campus you'd recommend a female walking alone at night to avoid? I've found a couple apartments near Centennial Park but I've heard mixed reviews of the park's safety at night. Are the other sides of campus (South/East) considered safer? Any feedback is helpful since I know nothing about Nashville. Thanks!
  2. Syracuse, NY

    Not specifically, no. I do see the shuttle bus around campus a lot so while it is within bike/long walking distance, there seems to be a free shuttle to campus too. It is located in a relatively urban area, right down the street from campus so I'd use the shuttle at night. I'd also recommend stopping by the apartments before you choose to see if you like the area. I'm sure it's popular with students.
  3. I think it depends on the program. Most set out a minimum of B or B- as far as I know.
  4. Does anyone have any advice about contacting departments for further information about wait-lists? I was waitlisted at a number of schools in late February/March 1. Most gave me an approximate idea about my standing but one school (my undergrad institute) was very vague about my chances. One professor there wrote me a LOR (he offered after I took one of his classes 2 years ago) and we spoke about my applications a bit at the start of the admissions cycle last fall but haven't since. I've been wanting to reach out to him inquiring about my position/chances but I'm afraid it may come off as uncouth or impatient. I'm stuck between thinking that I know him well enough to have a frank conversation with him and thinking that I knew him years ago and this might be awkward because he's not the DGS. At this point, I'm desperate for information and part of me hopes that alerting him to my position may help should a spot open up (although I have no clue if it would or if he already knows I've been waitlisted). Any thoughts?
  5. Syracuse, NY

    Hey, so I'm currently getting a Master's at SU and I also happen to be from Syracuse. The thread posted above could be helpful, too, but just glancing at some of the posts made back in 2006, some of the information is out of date. The first post I read said that Thornden Park (adjacent to campus) is a nice place, which is not the case in my opinion. A friend of mine was mugged in the middle of the day there last year...and crime being committed there is not a rare occurrence. That being said I'd say the two biggest cons are the crime and the snow. First, Syracuse's campus is located right next to some high crime neighborhoods and inevitably this effects safety on campus. I've spoken with some undergrads who say that everyone has been or knows someone that has been a victim of crime (usually property crime or, in more extreme cases, being mugged). Depending on what you're used to, this can be a bit disconcerting if you have night classes and walk home alone. Like any city, just be aware of your surroundings but I would also avoid certain neighborhoods. That being said, if you're willing to commute to campus, I definitely suggest it! I live a few miles from campus and it's an easy 8-10 minute drive. Some areas I'd suggest: South Campus, Outer Comstock, and Nob Hill. South Campus and Outer Comstock are within short biking distance but Nob Hill is a bit farther (and thus more residential and more safe) and all are on SU bus routes. Apartments/housing off of East Genesee St. and Euclid Ave are more "urban" but more vulnerable to crime. Second, the snow. Syracuse is the snowiest city in the U.S. So if you decide to commute, I suggest investing in snow tires. Especially if you're driving from Nob Hill, which, as its name suggests, is located atop a large hill that can be extremely treacherous in the winter. Winter lasts from November to March and the snow is relentless. Spring and summer are lovely, though, and temperatures can reach the 80s and occasionally the 90s in peak summer. As far as pros go, cost of living is probably the best advantage of the area. If you're looking to buy a house, it's very inexpensive if you look in neighborhoods outside the city, even in safe, family-friendly ones. Also, since it's a pretty small city (~150,000 in the city itself, ~600,000 in the metro area), traffic is not usually a problem. If you're used to living in a big city, the cost of living and (lack of) traffic in Syracuse will amaze you. There are lots of places to hike, run, swim (in lakes) etc. in the area as well.
  6. I'm waitlisted too. Do you know anything about their waitlist process like if it's likely they'll even accept anyone off it?
  7. Congrats! This gives me hope that getting off a waitlist is possible!
  8. The sentiments of these posts is ringing true to me now too. I only applied to 6 Soc Ph.D. programs and really focused on crafting strong SOPs and I've been accepted to none (1 rejection, 2 presumed rejections, 3 waitlists). It's really become apparent just how arbitrary this process can be. What really separates an accepted applicant from a waitlisted or even some rejected ones? I wish departments had the resources/time to be able to give some feedback so I knew what I could have done better because everything in my applications (GRE scores, GPA, Bachelors/Masters programs, research experience, interview performance, SOP) appear quite good. At least, I've gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback for it all. I just wish I knew which part was not good enough. I still have some hope for the three amazing schools I'm waitlisted at but I am devastated at the prospect of not getting any offers. I'm not sure I'd ever want to go through this process again should my nightmare come true. I'm wondering how second and third cycle applicants are able to find it in themselves to do this all over again?
  9. I can completely relate to this. It's hard not to take a rejection (or probable rejection at this point in my case) from an alma mater personally because it is actually personal. I can't help but imagine the faculty, many of whom know me, sitting around and deciding not to accept me despite the great GPA and research experience I received in that very department. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one this has happened to though.
  10. Well Santa Cruz is ranked 59th and New Mexico is 78th so that's something to consider. However, I would really try to determine which program is a better fit based on your interests. Like personally I specialize in medical sociology so I'd probably go with New Mexico because from what little I know about the two departments, it seems like UNM has a stronger emphasis on health, medicine, and health policy and thus more resources (affiliated centers, faculty, etc.) available to pursue that area of research. Of course I'm also a little biased because I lived in Albuquerque for a summer and absolutely loved the city and the state of New Mexico in general so if they invite you to visit first, I definitely suggest going and exploring.
  11. I applied! I haven't heard anything and based on past years they seem to send out decisions the first week of March (last year looks like the first acceptances were on March 3rd).
  12. Ok, thanks. So maybe they just haven't gotten around to making decisions about applicants who were interviewed Feb 6th & 7th? I'm mostly kidding I just don't want to be sad yet.
  13. Me too. The only reason I haven't started panicking about not having any acceptances yet is because I also have no rejections yet. I'm assuming waitlist because I'm just a hopeful person. When you think about it, it does make sense to keep some people in an unofficial waitlist limbo until you see how many people accept the first wave of acceptances. Then they can go back and decide who else to give an offer to, who to officially waitlist just in case, and who to finally reject.
  14. Congratulations to those who received UVA offers! What time did you receive the acceptance emails? I'm curious because I interviewed with them but haven't heard anything yet!