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  1. Has anyone applied to the Development Sociology program at Cornell? Does anyone know whether they've sent out the admission decisions yet?
  2. I talked to the coordinator yesterday and she said: "Letters have been mailed out over the last few days with the final batch being placed in the mail this morning. You should be hearing something within a few days."
  3. I'm still waiting to hear from UCLA as well... Hope we all get some good news!!
  4. Hi where can you check the UCLA application status? Is it the same website where we submitted the application?
  5. Congratulation! Did you do an interview by any chance?
  6. Actually just found it after I quoted you. Thank you!!
  7. Hi I'll be interviewing UVA next week and do you have tips or advice on that since you've already done the interview? Anything will be great. Thank you in advance!
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