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  1. Hey! Current Vanderbilt student here. Just popping in to say they're tentatively talking about making offers in the next week or two. So if you applied to Vanderbilt, the waiting game should be ending fairly soon. Good luck!
  2. I second the question about safe areas. I'm having a pretty hard time finding a place that's both safe and affordable. I thought I found a nice apartment in my price range and it was listed as one of the safer neighborhoods. But then after looking up reviews of the place, lo and behold there were two shootings in the complex within the last two years. Now I'm a little nervous about moving to Nashville. Any advice on where a single female might be able to live?
  3. Does anyone know how translators are typically credited on books? I translated a book with a professor that is now going to be published. When he sent me the title page, I was listed as one of four translators, which irked me (and, in fact, still irks me since the entire first draft of the translation was mine and I wasn't made aware of anyone else's involvement until the bitter end of the project), but I got over it sufficiently to not say anything. The second insult came when I received the contract and even though at one point we'd discussed splitting royalties equally, when it came to nego
  4. I tell my mom I'm stressed and the immediate response is "What could you possibly be stressed about? You got into grad school, you should be on cloud nine. You have nothing to be stressed over." Not like moving over 800 miles away is stressful in and of itself or anything. Like yeah, I'm happy I got in. But lately there have been a lot of "lasts", it's hitting me that I'm leaving soon, and I'm having problems at work, so I'm stressed and emotional. Then she wondered why I didn't want to talk to her about why I'm stressed. I flat out said that whenever I try to talk about why I'm upset,
  5. It might be worthwhile to look specifically for funded masters. For example, Miami University in Ohio funds their history masters students. That way you avoid taking on the debt you'd be stuck with going to a bigger name school and in the case of Miami University, they don't have a history PhD, so you don't have to worry about competing with PhD students for professors' time and attention. Some schools look at their masters program as a cash cow, intended to bring in money to help them fund their PhD program. While this doesn't necessarily mean instruction suffers at the MA level, I'd be wary
  6. I'm sorry. It's hard, but don't give up. My friend who lost her cat twice had just about given up all hope of ever getting her back both times, but both times she was able to get her back. Do you have any traps you could set up with maybe a favorite toy and some treats? And keep trying to get the word out about your missing cat. When I was younger, we had a cat who wandered off and was missing for awhile. One day, we were talking to someone who lives down the block and they started talking about how they'd found this stray cat they'd taken in. We went to meet their new cat and it turns out it
  7. My dad decided he needed to power wash yesterday and he moved around some of my plants to do it. Which is fine if they were in the way, but I'm really irritated he wasn't more careful with them. A bunch of soil was dumped out of the pots I have my blueberries in and one of the bushes was totally uprooted and just plopped on top of what soil was left. The others roots were exposed, flowers were knocked off. It almost looks like they were dropped. Even the tags I had labeling the different kinds of blueberries are gone. If they fell out when he (I'm assuming) dropped my plants, would it really h
  8. I know it isn't worth fighting over. I signed the contract and will mail it tomorrow. The whole thing just makes me so angry. First the extra names being added, so now I'm listed as one of four translators, even though I did all the translating and now his claim that he bought the translation from me even though that was never agreed upon. I'll get over it. I'm just frustrated because I knew better than to trust him, but went along with it, anyway. I feel really stupid. But I guess all I can do at this point is call it a learning experience and plan a book burning.
  9. I'm an emotional wreck. the official contract came today, and I'm supposed to sign it and mail it off. But I just don't want to. I really thought I could trust this guy and that we had a good relationship. But I guess he just looked at me and saw someone he could exploit, and it kills me that I was stupid enough to let it happen. And the worst part is that there were moments when the warning bells were going off--no major red flags, just a comment here and that rubbed me the wrong way and made me have some doubts--but I just brushed it off as a product of paranoia, ptsd, and anxiety making it
  10. Do you mind if I ask what brand? Right now I have my meyer lemon tree outside because it's been pretty warm, but it'll probably need a grow light when I bring it inside. Does it come with a stand or something? My serissa would also probably enjoy having a grow light, though it survived this winter just fine by a sunny window in the house. But I'm not sure how many nice windows I'll have when I move to start grad school.
  11. I've been dabbling in gardening a bit, and I was wondering if anyone here grows plants in their apartments while in grad school. I just planted a little herb garden that will probably get left behind, but I have two little trees that I'm planning on bringing with me. One is a serissa a friend gave me as a gift. It was a little twig of a thing when she bought it, and a year later it's starting to look like a respectable shrub. The other is a cute little meyer lemon. I just picked that one up recently when I saw it in the nursery and read citrus trees can be grown in pots. Anyway, any gardeners
  12. Is there a train station near by? You may want to look into what train tickets cost and what the schedule is. You'll have less flexibility, but at least that way you could read and get work done on the trip to minimize the time lost in the commute. It may not be feasible depending on the expense, but it's just another thing to consider.
  13. How much have you looked at primary sources? Getting a sense of the historiography is definitely a good idea, but you might also want to look through some online databases, see what sources are available, and see what questions come up as you poke around. If you find yourself drawn to certain sources, that may help answer your question. Hope this helps. Personally, I'm an incurable Francophile, so I didn't struggle to pick a geographical area. But if you want to have a conversation about France feel free to send me a PM.
  14. It depends on personal preference. An hour may be totally doable for you. However, one thing to consider is the weather where you're moving. Do they get a lot of snow? If they do, how comfortable are you driving in bad weather? Not all schools are particularly friendly to their commuters, and they may figure that most people live close enough to campus to get there despite the weather. There were also times where I drove to campus, and it took me a solid hour or more to get there in bad weather, only to find that at some point after I'd left, so within an hour and a half of class starting, the
  15. I have it in an email, but I just don't know if it's worth arguing. I have graduated, so he can't really do anything, but I'm afraid to burn the bridge completely. But that was before two other people materialized. And when I approached him about them, he was evasive. I asked who one of them was, because I'd never even heard him mention her. He gave me some useless information and didn't say anything about what she contributed. And I had to really press him to show me the title page, where I'm listed as one of four, and when he did he made a big deal about how he put me first because I got the
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