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  1. Wrapping up the final edits of my thesis before submitting to the university. :)

  2. What everyone else says, GRE really doesn't matter. I took mine while wrapping up my post-bac by taking 6 courses at the same time and thus, didn't have time or energy to invest in studying for it...I still got into 4 out of 5 programs!
  3. Well that's it for classes for me! All I need to do now is focus on my thesis and get it done!

  4. Best of luck to you, busybee, knp, bioarch_fan and anthrostudentcyn! soon all of you shall transition into the "refreshing of your inbox" phase You'll be fine!
  5. What's your style? A very popular store opened up near the Downtown Crossing stop called Primark. Everyone comes out with heaping bags of clothes, and I mean, everyone.
  6. Nope...I live in DOT and my gf works over in that area...takes the Redline and gets off at Kendall/MIT, takes between 20-30 min.
  7. I'm going to also corroborate this sentiment. My program is funded. Every student receives it. From my cohort to the new one.
  8. Have you considered any programs that offer degrees that allow you to essentially build your own path (i.e. Northern Arizona's masters in Research Anthropology, which allows you design your own research goal)? Also, I only applied to four programs, and simply applied to the fourth for the same reasons you mentioned. I got into 3 out of 4, including the safety school I applied to, which gave me options to compare and ponder over. So, you never really know...if three feels like it's enough for you, then so be it. You said you're willing to wait another year, so it seems like you know what's bes
  9. Then we must meet up for a chat! DM me your contact info if you feel comfortable!
  10. BSchaefer, maybe I'll see you there? I'll be presenting a paper as well.
  11. Anyone attending the conference? Presenting? Etc?
  12. Most tend to be two-pages, but if you're concerned I would suggest contacting and asking.
  13. I can tell you just from those I've met in my cohort, the cohort above me and the cohort after me...a few actually worked in CRM for a year or more and they made it into the program. So, I guess it's positive! It's more to do with what you plan to study and if the program would be a good fit for you.
  14. Question: A book I have read for my thesis uses a quote that it discusses in its pages for its title. I really like it, can I use that in my thesis title or is that not acceptable since the book uses it for its own title? 

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