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  1. Do programs expect incoming students to be able to write papers at a high level already? I honestly haven't done very much writing in undergrad, and I have no idea how I am supposed to transition into writing like a professional...
  2. 1)Are graduate school stipends always taxed? (or does this for some reason, depend on the school?) 2)For schools that guarantee funding for, say, 5 years, if you need longer than five years, and "lose your funding," does that mean you pay tuition (hopefully just for research credits if it's already your 6th year in school!!) and dont get a stipend? or does that mean you just don't get your stipend? 3) if you are fully funded as a TA, does that typically mean you TA every semester? for one class? (whats considered full time TA)
  3. Has anyone heard from Colorado Boulder? Have interviews already occurred?
  4. Are there any other behavior genetics applicants out there? i applied to a few schools that are very specific towards BG (Minnesota, Colorado, etc). Just wondering what other schools anyone else has applied to or heard from
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