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  1. @happyland did you apply anywhere else? I would love to see your work!
  2. sorry, the two year track for graphic design.
  3. Stephen, I applied to three schools last year...Yale, Cranbrook, and MICA. I was interviewed by the first two, accepted by the second, wait listed by the first, and rejected by the third, all with a portfolio teetering on the edge of what could be considered "graphic design". I wouldn't sell yourself short. If you are passionate about teaching and making it will show through in your statement and portfolio. Most schools are looking for applicants whose views and ideas of what design is challenges the common understanding. Why do you want to teach and how will going to _____ institutio
  4. Yale risd cranbrook cal mica mcad werkenplatts
  5. dwise1

    Yale wait list.

    You think that's a good or bad thing...6-7 spots you would think it would have been sorted out by now.
  6. dwise1

    Yale wait list.

    Anyone hear back about yale's wait list for graphic design or any other program. Deadline for final notification mentioned in my email is Wednesday. I sent an email last week and I was told they would know around the "8th or so..."
  7. Anyone get any news from yale regarding wait lists? I'm starting to get nervous...
  8. Still waiting to hear from yale graphic design...I honestly was expecting this to be over by last week, but now I'm getting nervous...I have a little over two weeks until the final deadline that was mentioned in the email. Is it a bad sign that this is taking forever?
  9. Lucia, Is this in regards to yale graphic design? If so how did you come about this info?
  10. what about Yale's GD waitlist? Im getting anxious...
  11. Anyone hear from yale graphic design wait list or know anyone who had?
  12. In the email I sent Yale I just reinforced the fact that in my eyes yale is and will be the only place for me to develop as both artist and designer, so on, and so on. I have an offer from Cranbrook, but didnt mention it at all. In my eyes at this point in the game you want to convince the committee that you are fully committed to the idea of Yale being the only one. Its like dating i guess. If you tell them you have another date to the dance then, "well see ya later I didnt really want to go with you anyway. Have fun with "so and so"". If that makes any since. I would just brown nose t
  13. what are your tactics for navigating this thing called "wait list"? I have to notify yale if I would like to be placed on their "short" wait list. Now in this email what sort of rhetoric should I use? Should I act that I believe in my deep down in my soul that Yale is the only place for me and the thought of somewhere else is...Or should I use my offer from cranbrook to possibly speed up my process for the better? I could see how Yale would return the last situation with a, "that great to hear, we wish you the best of luck, Thank You", but it may be wise. Im completely oblivious to thi
  14. wait listed by yale.... I have decided to go to cranbrook if Im not removed from the wait list, but cranbrook requires me to make a non-refundable deposit of 1200(1000 for studio and 200 if I live in a dorm) by sunday. This is really nerve racking as both schools are my dream schools but bloomfield isnt my dream town...I really fell in love with yale and new haven while up there. Im filled with mixed emotions now about whats going on and it is hard to articulate. Does anyone have any experience with yales gd waitlist and what this entails? How large is it and what are my odds? Will I kno
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