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  1. Thanks Pitangus for the tips on the Cell biology and Ecology classes. I am enrolled in an Ecology class next semester and some of those webcast courses cover a fair bit of Cell Biology. I will take a sample test from ETS and proceed from there. Also, the tip on leaving answers blank instead of guessing is great to know. I had assumed that anything left blank would also count against the total (i.e. minus one-fourth) it is very reassuring to know that it does not.
  2. Thanks for the responses. Though some of you feel it does not carry much weight, I have decided to give it a shot because I have a non-bio undergrad degree from overseas and the programs that I want to apply to specifically mention that if you don't have a Biology background, it would help to have subject test scores. Although I've been living and working in the US, I will still be applying as an international student. I feel that as a non-standard, international applicant, it can't hurt. If I don't do well in April, I can re-take in October OR just not send my scores in. I currently have Campbell and the Kaplan Subject GRE book. In the interest of having some structure to the preparation, I am listening to intro bio lectures from mit ocw and the Bio 1A and Bio 1B classes from UC Berkeley webcasts and doing the reading that is part of those courses. I am not sure I will have time to do anything more before April. I don’t have the option to take time off and study. So, I wanted to draw up a relatively feasible plan and just stick to it everyday. Will the level of detail in these undergrad Bio classes be adequate prep or does a more rigorous prep from Campbell advised?
  3. Hello, I am going to be taking the GRE Biology subject test in 2013 and would like to reach out to all of you for help regarding what study materials to use and how long to prepare for the test. I can either take it in April or October 2013 and still have the scores in time to apply. My undergrad degree was in engineering but I have taken General Biology and Ecology classes in the past year. I am currently doing an Environmental Science Master's program part time and would like to use the Subject test scores to strengthen my application to Ecology PhD programs, as I am shifting fields. Look forward to hearing from people who have experience with the Biology Subject test. Thanks
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