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  1. Wow is that true? I had no idea this was the case with Rutgers? If this is indeed the case it would save me a ton of money! This might just be the thing that pushes me to go to rutgers. I will double check however. Does anyone have any experience with either school that they would like to share?
  2. So i received my letters of admission into Rutgers New Brunswick and Penn State University Park today at the same time! (Although i knew about Rutgers already) Each school accepted me into their Labor Relations and Human Resources Program. Now i have to choose which one to go to. I know both have very good reputations and they both cost around the same amount (since i am from New York and will have to suffer the Out of state tuition for each school). I know in talking to certain friends they said that Penn State would look much better on a resume than Rutgers and of course i've heard exactly the opposite from other friends. (These are older friends who are in their 40s). I'm kind of torn, while i have family and a girlfriend in Jersey and i really like the program of Rutgers as a whole the Penn State program is also very tempting.
  3. So i took the GRE twice, the scores are; 1st time: Verbal 430 Quant 580 Essay 5 2nd time: Verbal 540 Quant 480 Essay (still haven't gotten it back) but assume it's 5 again as i have no trouble with the writing portion The schools i'm applying to are: Penn State for Human Resources and Labor Relations, Rutgers for Labor Relations, and University of Rhode Island for Labor Relations, and Umass Boston fro Dispute Resolution. I've already been accepted to the Labor Relations program at the University of New Haven. My GPA is around a 3.0 and i have a very good resume in terms of the work and internship experiences over the last few years. I will also get a B.S. in Sport Management (basically a business degree geared towards sports) from a fairly well known private school on the east coast. In talking to the people from Rhode Island they said they will take the highest GRE scores (which is above their mean) but not sure how Rutgers or Penn State work. In talking to Rutgers they seem like they don't pay that much attention to the GRE as they played it down. I also sent in samples of my work to each school because i was deathly worried about my Verbal score the first time (even though i knew it was a complete fluke) the nice thing is that i did a lot of work on labor unions of different sports which is nice since a lot of the programs i'm applying to are in the labor relations field. So my question is what are my chances of getting in? Also with this range of GRE scores what are some other schools i can apply to? Maybe a reach school? Ithought about Cornell but don't think i would get in there.
  4. I've recently applied to Rutgers, University of Rhode Island, Penn State, and Umass Boston The first three schools is for their Labor Relations program, Umass Boston is for Dispute Resolution. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these programs or is applying to some of the same schools. I also did not do so hot on my GRE's I got a 430 Verbal and 580 Quant (I did plenty of practice tests and my lowest verbal grade was a 510 on any of them) i will be taking them over on the 1st and i KNOW i will get at least a 500 on the verbal. I expect my essay scores to be around a 5. I guess what i really need is some support since this verbal score is eating away at my sanity. The good thing is i offered to send work i've previously done at my undergrad school to these schools and they all seem very appreciative of that. I also have a pretty good resume, i've done 4 internships while at school and have 4 different work experiences to draw from (2 of them extremely relevant for the major). Sorry guys i know i kinda rambled a bit i'm just stressing out right now.
  5. Well so i've been accepted into the U. of New Haven for their Labor Relations program. This is one of those things where i applied simply because they have the program (there aren't that many of them here on the east coast, and it is basically a backup school for me). I've heard New Haven can be an 'iffy' area as well as the fact that the school is more or less a commuter school. But it is pretty darn expensive which begs the question: if it's expensive what are they doing right? I recently spoke with the chair person for the program who sent me what i could call a lukewarm e-mail reply to some questions i had in terms of grad assistanships. There only seems to be 3 faculty for the LR program (although more adjunct faculty from their school of business). Basically if anyone has any info on this school or program i would love to hear it. Thanks
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