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  1. They seem to want forever in order to make up their mind on whom to pick. They seem a funny bunch to me. This doesn't weigh in on their already soured reputation, in my opinion
  2. What are your stats please? I'm still waiting to hear from them
  3. Nice. Congratulations. Mine still stands at decision made. Haven't hears anymore yet. Same as SFU, uofA..the wait is been too much already.
  4. SFU's MpH program inculcates combination of a thesis/project and a practicum. This is what I find interesting. I'm not aware of any school of public health that does this. Other programs have practicum arrangements as well. Ubc MPH is general, without a concentration.
  5. UBC isn't the only school with a practicum based MPH. You should check properly. There are a handful, U of Alberta, U of Saskatchewan, U of Toronto, U of Western Ontario, etcetera. Besides, Simon fraser has both practicum and thesis options in the MPH (population health)
  6. They don't respond actively. Its very sick. I see em tweets daily, buh they neva reply to my tweets. I called em office one time, it kept ringing, and no one to answer. Just ridiculous
  7. Did they send u an email yet? Mine still is Decision made, they got my documents 2 days before yours I think. Fingers crossed.
  8. Its good to know that. I'll keep checking. I hope its something positive.
  9. I applied to Usask in January, but my complete supporting documents was received March 20th. My online portal shows decision made, contact admissions office. I did email them, they said I'll know of d decision by april. Is that normal? Did your portal first show decision made, before dept recommended?
  10. Ualberta SPH is accredited by CEPH. That means a lot.But the MPH program @ usask seems to be more organised judging from their course modules...and usask seem to have good connections for pracricum. Try to read reviews on both schools. At one point Ualberta was my top choice, buh it now appears to be SFU, because SfU MPH program is accredited by CEPH, d program includes opportuniy for thesis and practicum, amongst others. Send me a private message, and we'll talk more. Nice to meet you
  11. The school of pub health @ UofAlberta is accredited by cePH (starting from last year ending I think), Quebec universidad du montreal (something like that, I'm not french) and the MPH program @SFU are also accredited by CEPH. I don't know much about the weather, buh I know Vancouver/burnaby isn't as cold as alberta province. And the MPH @ SFU is quite interesting (they have both practicum and thesis modules for the MPH, which is beautiful) plus vancouver against Alberta is an odd match. So SfU vs UofA, I'll know what to do in a second of getting both acceptance. Sent u a msg Cima
  12. I applied for MPH epidemiology at U of Alberta, SFU (population health), U of Saskatchewan (MPH)
  13. Yea Cima, you're absolutely correct. It takes an estimated 4-6months to procure a study permit in our country. Ualberta should realise that. And to think that some persons have gotten em decisions. Only reason I considered ualberta is cos their SPH school is accredited by CEPH, else, I'm not about to go live in -46 degrees winter. Do u know they actually lost my reference letters? I had to resend another...disgusting
  14. I think Ualberta are an unserious bunch. I emailed the admissions office, and Felicity Hey replied yesterday that they'll make a decision my end of April/May. That's like 5months to wait for a decision? I applied January. Meanwhile some persons on this forum have received news on their application. I'll just wait for SFU/Usask
  15. That's ok, april is only next week. Fingers crossed.
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