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  1. I know it's stressful time with some still waiting and others making decisions. I just wanted to let everyone know - especially those interested in Columbia EHS - that I won't be accepting their offer. I was an engineer in undergrad, and after getting my MPH, I really wanted to work at the interface of these two fields. Though Columbia would have provided some opportunity to do that, I attended an Open House for MIT's Engineering Systems Division last Friday and am now convinced that staying in Boston is a better choice for me. Best of luck to everyone else, and I hope that this will open up a
  2. I'm still waiting on HSPH PhD in Epidemiology (Infectious Diseases)... They said they should have all decisions out by the 15th. Goes to show that it really isn't over till it's over... Haha.
  3. Remember this: it's not over till it's over! Hold tight. I'm sending positive vibes your way!
  4. Hey Kayla123! It sounds like we have a lot of research interests in common. I am doing my MPH right now in epi/biostats, but I applied to a few environmental health PhD programs in December. My top pick among those was Columbia, and I heard back good news from them a few weeks ago. However, I just heard back from MIT's Engineering Systems Division as well. It's my top pick in the Boston area (that's where I live now) - so I may not end up at Columbia after all. (I know these two programs seem very different, but I was an engineer in undergrad and have spent a lot of time working on engineering
  5. Sure. Here are my stats: Undergrad at Top 30 School (BS, Civil and Environmental Engineering 2012), 3.64 (3.82 Major GPA) Grad at Top 30 School (MPH, Epidemiology and Biostatistics 2013), 4.0 thus far GRE: V 165, Q 162, AW 4.5 That said, I don't think my stats had much to do with my acceptance; honestly, they're pretty average for MIT. My research and social entrepreneurship experience probably helped a lot. I also taught a semester-long seminar on engineering interventions for infectious diseases last spring at Tufts and my POI at ESD was a guest lecturer; I think my acceptance wouldn
  6. Screw 'em! Out of curiosity, did you apply to any engineering programs? I ask because of EHE. I was an engineer in undergrad, so I applied to MIT Engineering Systems Division. They do a lot of really cool work at the engineering/health interface!
  7. Just got my decision letter via email around 1:30 PM EST!
  8. Anyone hear anything back from the Engineering Systems Division at MIT yet? I applied for the PhD program.
  9. For anyone who applied to JHSPH PhD in Environmental Health, I got my decision on the website today. No email notification, but it's a rejection so maybe that's not surprising!
  10. HSPH Epi has been pretty popular on the results page for the past few weeks with a mix of rejections and acceptances... And still nothing in my inbox. I have no idea what to expect at this point and am getting a bit nervous. :/
  11. Hey! I got my decision letter (notified by email and directed to website) last week on Friday. Unfortunately, a rejection - but I suppose it makes sense given the fact that my research interests only aligned with one faculty member who happens to be a newcomer to the department. It was worth a shot though! Any news yet for you?
  12. Yeah, MammaD! I'm rooting for you. **hugs**
  13. I love the positive attitude, drglasner! Keep it up. It encourages the same in the rest of us.
  14. Aw, mannn. Oh well... Honestly? Their loss! I'm so happy to hear that your UW visit was so fantastic; I hope they get back to you ASAP.
  15. Yeah, I'm 22-going-on-23, too! Applied to doctoral programs; will have completed my Masters by May this year.
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